Wednesday, May 28, 2003


I was five years old then when mayhem struck in so called hindi heartland, I can always point
Anti Sikh riots as one turning point as far as my political views are concerned.
At first Sikhs dont resemble any other minority (I hate this word when it is used for Sikhs
, the very people who have sacrificed more than all other communities combined)
and even khalistan movement at its heydays never targeted any Hindu.
Before I write this blog i must make it very clear although i am a Punjabi i never
sympathised with Khalistani cause , not because i am a Hindu but because
its against Punjabiyat to raise arms against the our motherland.

Coming back to 1984 riots which I witnessed in Kanpur, one thing which comes to
my mind is that it was not spontaneous as it seemed, mobs were very much
regulated and they knew exact places where they will find hapless Sikhs in town.
Did i say "regulated" mobs? Now this seem to point to an organisation which always
boasted of great member base , no not Seva Dal (its defunct for looong time now)
RSS seemed to be quite capable of doing what happened in 1984.
No i am not absolving congress of all the mayhem, and Rajeev Gandhi's quote
was most irresponsible one has ever come across, but its seemed that congress
was not exactly an organisation which knew for sure what to do about Sikhs.

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