Saturday, May 17, 2003

Bliss in Life

*She gave a call yesterday, actually it is not that way, first she gave a call at my "Star Tac" which
gives an "Insert Card" after slight movement while I was away to market fishing for some cheapo
CDs, and then i gave her a "call" back after returning which *She didnt pick up since *She knew
i dont have balance left :( and then *She gave me a call.

It was good news, *She will be joining a good company in a month and was happy as well, I was
happy for her too.For last 1 month i have been thinking how is *She taking my "shit" about me
being happy about my admission while *She was having problems at her workplace.

Sometimes we go overboard with "our" personal "Highs" and tend to forget people around us and rather than enjoying
these moments with them we tend to stand on pedestal and try to look down at them.Same applied to me after 3
appraisals i had at my workplace, there were people around who were having teething troubles with PLs and here I
was gushing Non Stop over my "acheivements".

Raol who sits next to me is an MS from North Carolina and we are developing good vibes abot each other, may be one of
these days we will go for a glass of beer, Although similarities between us are few and far between.
He wants to pursue PhD in "Formal Methods in Research" while i would like to do same in "How to make shit load of Money" :)
He loves Iron Maiden and I like Dire Straits, he calls me a man from 80's who refused to "grow" up
He is tall , 6 '2 and i am something like 5 6.
But we love life and thats what it takes to be friends with people around

Although I know for sure that he is concerned by charade i have with chandra who also sits in same cubicle :))

Saturday is being spent in dreaming about things I ll do now after i finish up my official assignment.
CDs cutting exercise went smoothly and without any hiccup of any sort.
Hey god when will i remove shackles of having Pasta @ Casa Picola everyday mmmmmmm its so gooood


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