Thursday, May 22, 2003

Was always a big fan of this series, one of the roomies got First Season some time back
After a bad day (I called her up again and discussion went nowhere) i jus could not put
myself to sleep coupled with Hari's atrocious posture while sleeping so i thought of
seeing whole of the season (3 hours in all ) at 1 am.
Laughed at almost every joke, cried at every cruel twist in story, felt like a kid who
would appear calm from outside but would explode when questioned.

Am every bit a Chandler, worrisome about what people think of me, so most of the time
is spent in thinking about others, funniest part is others dont even notice this :))
She hasnt mailed since morning. Some time its jus better to let the time pass
lest some thing stupid happens.

Read about slow rate of disinvestment in papers, I have no idea when the hell was it
fast. Arun Shourie seems to unsure of himself now or is he now fully entrenched into

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