Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Use Me
i am going to write this blog in a hurry , jus something which has been troubling my sleep
lately :) Emotional Recycle Bin yeah thats what i have become, people jus dont
know where to stop, they will howl they will abuse this world , people around them
their bosses, indian education system and would then wait for my comments
as if it matters to them, actually its not my opinion which matters its my listening skills
which are handy to them.
yesterday a conversation with baniya went like this

B : Khanne yaar bata is PL ka kya karoo?
Me: Kya matlab?
B: Man this place sucks, now my PL is going back on his promise of giving me band 1
Me: yaar yahan sabke saath aisa hi hain
B: Hey par mere saath hi kyon?
Me: Chill yaar
B: What chill? Tell me what should i do about this? I am banking on u
Me: Boss abhi keep chill, baad mein agle cycle mein dekhiyo
B: Yaar yeh to bata saale onsite kaise maangu
Me: Baniye how do i know yaar , main to kabhi gaya hi nahin
B: Cmon yaar tere ko pata hain ki kaise patate, mujhe bhi bata

Is there a course (with full fee refund offer) which teaches us to say "Stop right
there bugger or i ll shoot ur b!@#$s off" !


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