Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Bill's Book

While everyone is talking about new found virtues of forgiveness
in former First Lady for her Husband's failings, one thing i noticed
was the fact that Hillary more than Bill needs this publicity involving
the book (which is very imaginatively called Living History) She
might be thinking about 2008 elections with Dubya doingeverything
wrong and Republicans clueless about what to do about it, No one
can win an election on troubled marriage however stinking it might
have become especially when you are on verge of becoming president
of most powerful country.I personally think Presidential Elections and
Oscars are won in media, Gallups will trace the last voter and ask
her/his choice to boot.Anyways i was always disgusted with it and
with reaction in third world which seems to see it as common sex
scandals (Brits seem to have perfected that art especially those
gay ministers) and not even acknowledge the fact that things are
awry in global political circles let alone US.Contrary to Hillary's writing
prowess William Dalrymple's ability is much admired by yours truly,
picked up City of Djinns which is quite extraordicary thing to do by me
since I am a self confessed Delhi hater for long now.Have jus gobbled up
50 pages, Punjabis have been likened to uncouth farmers and Sikhs have
pardoned "congressmen" for 1984.This might get finished by tomorrow,
will start on Age of Kali by same author.Havent received her mail for 2 days,
wonder this is a start of next phase of our relationship Sarita called, delhi's
Baap of all get together might happen after all :)


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