Monday, June 02, 2003


Will be returning back to delhi in 20 days, i was jus thinking about times when i used
to get frustrated about the distance between delhi and bangalore and the fact that
fastest train takes 35 hours to reach delhi.
Its been more than a year here at Bangalore, suddenly the feeling of leaving this place
has gripped me, i just dont want to get back to dusty bowl called delhi leaving this beautiful
city behind, but more than climate i think its the people in delhi i resent or rather people i
have started resenting lately.
One silver lining is that i ll be near her, but she ll be busy with her work and i ll busy with
my studies so thats hardly a solace :(
Home was wanton but then troubles brewing back in delhi hardly enthuse me to go back
and then i remember Nida Fazli's lines "Kissi ko Mukammal jahan nahin milta/Kabhi
zameen to kabhi aasmaa nahin milta"
(Simply translated : No one gets what he desires)
Desire hmm atleast gimme what i deserve (but who decides what i deserve?)!


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