Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Came across some comments on state (or rather lack of it)
of Politics which seems to have taken couple of turns too wrong
for last 50 years.
I have conjured up some points in favor of these politicians, rather
these are in favor of system we seem to have developed for last
5 decades. In my opinion we should understand that we have
been ruled by monarchy (either by proxy or otherwise) for time
immemorial, thus mai baap is in encoded on our genetic
maps, we simply cannot do away with comparing a PM with a Rajah
simply because we always want ourselves to be ruled rather
than being governed.
Also at no point of time have we been able to come up with a mass
campaign against the incumbents (spare emergency for political reasons)
We should have rooted out Narasimha Rao Govt when Babri Masjid was
demolished not because it was a muslim structure but because it was
an act of anarchy and setting a bad precedent.
We should have rooted out Vajpayee govt when Mista Jaswant Singh
accompanied Taliban ministers in Kandhar in an act of national shame.
We should have rooted out Mayawati/kalyan combine when they came up
with ridiculous formula of power sharing in UP.
We should root out the government or atleast sack Railways Minister
whenever a train derails.
We should sack Human Welfare Minister whenever a dowry death happens.
Same should be true for defence minister wheneva a MIG crashes.
Are we capable of doing this, I am afrad not.
So please stop cribbing about Politicians and get some balls first!


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