Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Reasons Y i hate leaving this place!

My First Project
Wonderful Team
Electronics City
Cafe Coffee Day
2 AM Cabs
10:30 AM Shuttle Bus
Blue Bus in Morning with FM and Complimentary Deccan Herald
Delhi's Pugnacious Weather/People(in ascending order)
Local DVD waala
Pan Waala (who keeps Davidoff only for ME )
Casa Picola and its Paneer Platter
Late nights with Junta I love
Long Distance calls
Looking forward to Holidays
Smoking Pergola
Girls in Building 28/29
Aaranya (on silk board junction, only if they cud bring food rates down )
Influx Launches
Consulting Assigments
Dreaming of Onsite everytime i go for Sleep
Sinus attacks
NRN/Nandan walking past u in the Morning
CNBC crew in campus at the start of every Quarter
Indra Nooyi/Naina Lal Kidwai planting trees 20 Metres from your cubicle
World's Most Powerful Leaders planting trees 20 Metres from your cubicle
Bulletin Board
Gaurav P
Offshore Cows/Cows Day
"Last Day in Infosys" Emails on BB
"Sweets on my Desk" Emails on Internal Boards

List is incomplete , I ll get back and complete it before 27th for sure.


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