Wednesday, June 04, 2003


Whats the thought process of this Blog update? Most of the time its
"on the fly" whateva comes to my mind , i jot it down, this will have to
change for sure, i think best solution is that i remember what i was
thinking while going back home from company in bus.
Last night i was sitting on last but one seat (one before "big" seat at
the end)
There was a group of trainees (definitely from maharastra) busy smsing
each other while they indulged in banter :) i am not old , turned 24 this january
but after witnessing what i saw last night i feel generation gap needs to be redefined

jus go thru this conversation i managed to eavesdrop

PYT - Hey dear!
Smart Alec- Main kya tere ko "deer" lagta hoon? Aadmi ka baccha hoon
PYT - Tujhe kaise pata ki tu aadmi ka baccha hain?
(Btw PYT is pretty young thing for all u retros)
I thanked my stars for not being at the receiving end :)

Then I thought abt her while we were crossing Silk Board junction and call she made
last evening and that she dint want me to call her, i asked her why, to which she
replied that she is busy (she wants to sleep by 8)
And i also congratulated myself for getting Blore Delhi ticket for 4000 Rs only
But 27th seems so far away :(


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