Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Up the Down Ladder

Ady referred to one GD session he had when he was
giving IIMC interviewin 2k+1, i can relate to that particular
sentiment now that i am lil nervous about coming months.
I am upbeat about MBA, but am apprehensive about what
kinda job i ll be doing.Looking forward to be with my Parents
but am sad about losing my independence (however filthy
my flat was! ).Delhi means great food but Bangalore was fun all
the way. FMS and DU was places where you ll find tremendous
people but InfyCity ROX period!
No Updates but No Bossing around as well.No KTs to do but
then i ll miss out on impressing trainee chicks :(
No puffed eyes due to late nights , but no late nights
No Monday Ties but no looking forward to Friday
No filling up of DART but no high speed internet access (FMS
No dumb sales guy calling up my number for credit cards
but no free credit card offers for lifetime as well.
No "thinking about what to do on weekends" but then no weekends
as well

Its a tough life.
Like ELDoc said in morning "Amit u ll have swell time"
I will, sure i will!


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