Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Minor Glitches
Exams came and went, jus dunno how am i going to fare coz they all looked same to me.
Puking was the central theme here, with ,my gastric juices working overtime.
well never mind these exams, i have already given them hazaar times and they serve no purpose as i see them! Life has been subjected to lotta constraints these days, i foiund lesser and lesser time to even read newspapers. Well there is lot that i missed it seems, Delhi is capturing mindshare (and printshare) for all types of reasons, good and bad.Presidential guards decided to empty their libido tanks in one of the most notorious of parks in Delhi (i still remember how we used to burst into giggles when some used to tell us about Buddha Gardens) Issue here is not to look this as an incident which prompted Prez to order the whole battalion to godforsaken place after these guys were caught but into a deeper understanding of indian psyche.We seem to have no contempt of ourselves, freely spitting, hurling choicest of gaalis and heckling others on road seem to have become our second nature. Do we blame this on our climate (some bast!@#$ psychoanalysts have balls to link this to tropical nature of our geography)? Or the genes? Have been reading couple of books these days, Heat and Dust talks about an ICS officer trying to pursuade his wife to go to Shimla during summer since it might get to her, and it gets to her finally when she elopes with the local Nawab. Summer theory might sound realistic but it does not gravitate into a possible reason for our attitude towards urban life, we still feel we live in rural hinterland where only law is no law. Cant help being a pessimestic here :)


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