Sunday, December 14, 2003

Cold calling God

Thats exactly what i feel like doing tonight, dint have a worse day for sometime.
Had to cancel a get together with Preeti and others, they were looking forward to that and i let them down at the last moment jus becasue i had a "Presentation" to prepare alongwith other "team members"
I am yet to come across a project where everyone has tried his/her best, one invariably finds fu!@ing freeloaders who jus because they are close friends jus dont work coz they have "other" plans.

The whole team work thing sux big time, i know its naive to think otherwise if u r in FMS but then i came from an organization where people actually worked as a team.I think its more to do with North Indian mentality of watching out for "what exactly is there for me in this thing".

Are there any lessons for me to be learnt? U bet. Never ever think about giving more than what is required from u (safe assumption is Total Work/ N (PERCENTAGE COMMITMENT) where 'N' is the total number of project partners).

And never ever cancel your school get together.


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