Friday, June 13, 2003

Am having tuff time managing money, courtesy my spending habits
Citibank and no salary from Office since i have given them notice
for seperation :(

gimme shitload of money ye god so that i dont have to worry about the

Raoul told me fandoo trivia about Gorrilaz, the fact that it is one man band
:) and the guy is none other than lead singer from Blur !


Thursday, June 12, 2003

Treat @ Dominos

Had Project Team treat today, went to Dominos although I personally
wanted to give in aaranya but then there were logistics problems :)
Went off peacefully , and now i am planning for photo session on
Garre will be gone on 18th and i wont see him again for long time :(
Wish i remained in Bangalore


Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Reasons Y i hate leaving this place!

My First Project
Wonderful Team
Electronics City
Cafe Coffee Day
2 AM Cabs
10:30 AM Shuttle Bus
Blue Bus in Morning with FM and Complimentary Deccan Herald
Delhi's Pugnacious Weather/People(in ascending order)
Local DVD waala
Pan Waala (who keeps Davidoff only for ME )
Casa Picola and its Paneer Platter
Late nights with Junta I love
Long Distance calls
Looking forward to Holidays
Smoking Pergola
Girls in Building 28/29
Aaranya (on silk board junction, only if they cud bring food rates down )
Influx Launches
Consulting Assigments
Dreaming of Onsite everytime i go for Sleep
Sinus attacks
NRN/Nandan walking past u in the Morning
CNBC crew in campus at the start of every Quarter
Indra Nooyi/Naina Lal Kidwai planting trees 20 Metres from your cubicle
World's Most Powerful Leaders planting trees 20 Metres from your cubicle
Bulletin Board
Gaurav P
Offshore Cows/Cows Day
"Last Day in Infosys" Emails on BB
"Sweets on my Desk" Emails on Internal Boards

List is incomplete , I ll get back and complete it before 27th for sure.


Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Havent been updating my blog these days, she is busy and so am I.
Preeti mailed me yesterday, it felt so nice to hear from her, when i look
back to my years in school she is the one who stands as one person
who was not only bright (used to brush past me in every exam brrr)
but also so down to earth, she ll never have any problems with you.
Perhaps thats the reason I had a crush on her for long long time :)
I am looking forward to meeting her once i am in delhi.


Monday, June 09, 2003

Happy Birthday
She is 25. dont know her for long but she must have changed (err evolve) for sure.
Every year we treat others booze around do anything and everything but we just
dont reflect back:( I suggest we shud alteast write one page on what we want
from life and try to compare them over the years.