Sunday, February 01, 2004

No Strings Attached

Music maketh a man

Could'nt have agreed more with this aphorism, although I am sure there
are still some finishing touches left in my construction.
Havent really talked abt music for long no, jus downloaded Van Halen's Jump Video and last year brushed past me. I still remember those lovely afternoons i spent listening to this song on sat/sundays trying to dream about time i ll enjoy at a BSkool.

Magar yeh ho na saka
Magar yeh ho na saka
aur ab yeh aalam hain
ki tu nahin aur
teri justujoo bhi nahin

(Roughly translated i am f!@#$% up big time)

Chalo in any case i am in a pleasure zone right now with Nirvana's Unplugged playing in background with a orgasmic feeling abt second week in feb when our campus goes for placements, gotta be interesting or else :)

Cricket has been coming in large doses for some 3 months and i kinda sick of it now, Zims were never in picture and we are jus having a blateral series with Ozzies with a practice match thrown in between 2 matches :)) Btw i swear to the GOD that i ll make sure that i watch next venture to Ozzyland on a 29`` Box wheneva that happens !!

Amen to that and Eid Mubarak!


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