Saturday, March 13, 2004

2B OR !2B

Okie Okie I finally gave in to your request Nilkhil, my Blog will showcase whateva little we have googled in last sem.

First thing first, topic which captured and is still is capturing our attention these days, fate of B2B websites, an issue which is so crucial to lot of us who aspire to for IT careers or whateva is left of it.

We have tried to come up with a repository largely made from Line56

Trivia abt Line56 - 56th line of Hamlet is
To Be or Not To Be

Getting back to our discussion, B2B is apparently on a upswing with infomediaries (B2Bs like Ad spot buying, eTailers for WalMarts, Equity Research Firms) are back in business but are not make same noise they made in 2000, and thank god for that, but do keep on watching this space for news :)

Coming back to B2B news, CMM has always been a touchy issue. I would recommend people to visit this place

Hmm but do check out latest vendor ratings at Gartner before u start slamming likes of Infy and TCS :)


Ps B2B (Blog 2 Business)

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