Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kab Banega yeh Raju Gentleman

I have been thinking about this one for sometime now, jus could not make myself write about it.
I think i have carried this unkempt look for too long and too far in my life. And it doesnt end here, in a way it also reflects my no-holds-barred-speak which has expletives at every nook and corner of conversational highway :)

I look around me, clean shaven genteel guys enchanting people (ofcourse i mean women here), nice mildmannered well to do men at their chivalrous best and then i look at myself. Delta is huge!

Also somewhere i forgot most people would prefer a silly "Hi! Aaj kitni thand hain naa, dhoop bhi nahin nikli" to "Hey did you watch Nat Geo last night?" I continued trying to strike coversation about what excites me trivia, politics, sports while Junta talked about newest store that opened recently

It doesnt stop here as well, i think if 80's were about machismo and this decade is all about sensitivity i can easily vouch for the fact that my USP is certainly outdated, rather misplace in the whole context.

And worse, more i try to do this convoluted mind job of being a nice guy messier it gets.

Hmm time for me to have weekly shave tomorrow before they draft me in infantry :)

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