Monday, July 11, 2005

(:Sigh)Lets Blog
Its been sometime since i have blogged, it is usually hard for me to take an account of time that has transpired since then but i ll still try to make up for lost time.

Things that have changed between last time i "wrote" on this blog include my career (then a potential now a carcass), my interests (then a distinct possibility now a distant proposition) and my life (then what i made of it and now a ruin waiting for debris to capitulate).

Yeah i am sad but i aint feel bad about it anymore, infact there is this feeling that makes me a relieved man, no not because i have become masochist but because i know things just cant go
worse from this point.

Whiskey in Jar is one song i play very often when i am down and out and it is still playing as i write this blog. i am not burdened by what this song actually means nor am i in a mood to know.
But what i am burdened by is set of hard decisions i need to make this month, some of them i couldnt have even fathom few months back. I need to know what i want from this friggin life and how friggin hell i am going to get it ASAP.

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