Friday, October 07, 2005

Foot in my Mouth

If there was one aspect about myself that has been a bugbear it has to be my lack of listening skills. For years I have been interjecting conversations with my verbal pricks and most folks have found it very bugging. Some of them have told me so and I am thankful to them.

However there has been one such person who stands out in this regard, she not only has been patiently admonishing me about but has often tried to diagnose it as well. Her latest theory has been quite revealing. She claims that I must have been one of those over zealous students who would rush into answering any question that a teacher would asked when I was in school/college. Hmm prettty plausible I must say, not that I had a high accuracy in answering those questions I remember being such a jack in the box students not too long ago.

Alas embarassment I faced during school has only seen considerable addition in recent years.

Enough of problem definition, would you please offer some solutions as well? :)

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Kapil said...

hey amit dude... remember the old days ... drive back home when we used to discuss ways of overcoming this problem (yeah and i was a partner in weakness... ) alas it was what an mba was supposed to excel in... and we overenthusiastic students would just jump to answering questions without having the answer..

guess would have to do something about it pretty soon..

aur ye anonymous comment post karne waalon ka ... is there any solution to all this??