Wednesday, August 08, 2007



Tess said...

Yes.. And still life goes on, with no signs of anything changing..

Amit Kumar said...

May be I am too touchy about this subject, strong sense of regionalism is largely responsible for my reaction to this madness that ruled 80s.

Suddenly this idea of federal structure and coexistence seems bullshit. We all know for a fact that such things continue to happen, stage has shifted to unknown quarters of Andhra and Chhattisgarh. Ofcourse i am just isolating the police role in these events, not trying to justify sectarian/class based uprising.
I was reading about american civil war the other day, and one thing that really surprises me is how quickly that country came back to normalcy, could most certainly due to general amnesty that was granted to confederate army. So called Confederation President returned to American mainstream and died a rich socialite in late 1880s. Funny.