Monday, February 16, 2009

Klick Klack

India: We sent the dossier to Pak
Pak: We sent it back, need to link 26/11 with Samjhauta blasts
India: Ball is their court (ofcourse since our PM has lost his during his operation last month), we need link Samjhauta with Mumbai blasts
Pak: Link Mumbai blasts with Gujrat
India: Link Gujrat with Godhra
Pak: Link Godhra with Babri Masjid
India: Link Babri Masjid with ISI activities /Seperatist sub culture that you have been harbouring
Pak: Link that with Muslim persecution in India
India: Link that with 500 year persecution of Hindus
Pak: Link that with your stubborn refusal to get converted
India: Link that with your religion's lack of appeal in West from Ottoman to Obama
Pak: Its a PR problem, the whole world is out to get us. It makes sense for us to get taken over by Taliban. Zardari can take couple of concubines and settle in East Ham.


Tess said...

brilliantly put!

irony, piled on absurdity, piled on stupidity, what a tower we've got.

Amit Kumar said...

Not sure about brilliance, but timing was terrific. Swat is now a shariah compliant ski resort. Only burqa clad women can ski/use snow mobiles. Ski lifts are banned since they sound like "skirt lifts" which ofcurse is banned as per shariah.