Sunday, April 19, 2009


Came across an interesting website here. Interestingly, this also reinforces 3 major faultlines in "Greater India" that existed prior to Independence - Punjab (Hindus/Sikhs V Muslims), Bengal (Hindus V Muslims) and Kashmir (confused to say the least). On the other hand 2 major ethnic groups got screwed as a result of collective tomfoolery on part of Indians, Pakis and Brits - Pushtuns (across Pak and Afghanistan) and Sindhis. Funnily, Hindu sindhis today are perhaps equivalent of perennial refugees in India. With all the upheaval in north of Sindh that is happening today, there is a hope for independent and moderate islamic country of Sindhudesh, at peace with India.


raindrops said...

Hello! While the link to the website that you mentioned didn't open, I agree with your view that Hindu Sindhis are perennial refugees - not only in India but throughout the world. A sizeable section of the Hindu Sindhi community migrated to South East Asia, Africa and Europe during and after the partition of the subcontinent. And of course, no market in India is without a Sindhi trader...

Having said that, Sindhis are also, in my opinion, the one community that is extremely keen to hide or dilute their traditions, preferring to adopt almost all Punjabi traditions and sometimes even choosing to be known as Punjabis. I think it has to do with the suspicion that Hindu Sindhis were looked at with by the mainstream north Indian population in the aftermath of the partition.

Amit Kumar said...

This should work, had an extra dot in the link :)

With so many communities and a parliamentary system of democracy, guess some of us feel cheated. But i think some of the minorities ( and i mean real underepresented minorities and not 15% vote bank) like parsis, sindhis, marwaris, even sikhs have had disproportional (and welcome) impact on our culture and economy. Would you believe Punjabi is mother tongue of only 3% of the population, though any firang would believe it is a dominant phenomenon courtesy "hindi" movies/"indian" food etc. Sticking to question of whether it is a good idea to have a independent Sind or even loose confederation with India in future - I believe there are enough people across both sides of the border who would like to explore this option. Neither Punjabis nor Bengalis have such cross border camaraderie and infact it was this thaw in their relations that led to firming up the idea of partition or partitions in case of Bengal. Interesting to note, we have another ethnic group in South - Indian Tamils who share similar sentiments with their brethren in Sri Lanka. Though in this case lines have blurred between victim and aggressor :) South Asia is upto something, might sound cruel but we are living in very interesting times and it would get only better in coming years.