Monday, September 23, 2013

What do I write about?

Should I write about my favorite topic - geopolitics and make a case of hyper realism in Indian strategic outlook. But alas I can not because I do not have any training in political science or international relations. All I have is knowledge that I have gathered by reading up few of the policy experts and therefore would not be able to write more than 100 words without quoting a published work.

Should I write about that dark story that I have thought about during one of many bouts of depression. The one in which all the four members of an otherwise normal family kills their respective nemesis during day only to return to the normalcy of their dinner table. I have not quite got the motives and method of murder chalked out. So there goes this thread as well.

Should I write about a raging topic - rapes, girl child, khaap, middle class hypocrisy and self righteousness . I do get urge to write on these topics every now and then but the words fail me and all I am left with are angry ripostes that I put on facebook status updates.

Should I write about Cinema? Should I write movie reviews? I would like to call myself a film buff and over last few years also tried to enjoy world cinema - Iranian in particular. But the lack of vocabulary when it comes to technicalities is the elephant in the room that I can not ignore.

Should I again try my hand at conjuring some silly story like I did with this blog - which was part biographical but mostly silly.

Where does that leave me? Should I talk about my childhood memories - try to make up some stories that have deeper meanings? May be I can, but till then I am busy with this “making up business”.

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