Thursday, May 22, 2003

Was always a big fan of this series, one of the roomies got First Season some time back
After a bad day (I called her up again and discussion went nowhere) i jus could not put
myself to sleep coupled with Hari's atrocious posture while sleeping so i thought of
seeing whole of the season (3 hours in all ) at 1 am.
Laughed at almost every joke, cried at every cruel twist in story, felt like a kid who
would appear calm from outside but would explode when questioned.

Am every bit a Chandler, worrisome about what people think of me, so most of the time
is spent in thinking about others, funniest part is others dont even notice this :))
She hasnt mailed since morning. Some time its jus better to let the time pass
lest some thing stupid happens.

Read about slow rate of disinvestment in papers, I have no idea when the hell was it
fast. Arun Shourie seems to unsure of himself now or is he now fully entrenched into

Things to look forward to

Got Kotler's Marketing Management from library last week,which i must say
is a decent read especially for a person like who always followed lots of case studies
in Marketing and people behind it, earlier it was part of trivia, now its academics
Alas times change

UML is another thing which i am looking forward to, i should
have learnt it some time back but then better late than never.
Am writing this as clock ticks for 8 pm, bus time is round the corner.
and last but not the least have to buy gift for her this weekend

Fears Inside

I had a chat with her, She told me about some guy who "proposed" her and then backtracked in
jocular way i did not care too much for that because it had nothing to do with her, but during the
course of chat i told her about a banter which my friends were playing on me regarding her being
moving around with some guy from office, which although I brushed aside but it kept coming back
at me, I never wanted to be an MCP but I do confess of being one this time around. Insecurity
comes very easily to a man it seems.I always knew that i am bad at expressing emotions but
this time around i was helpless since they almost drowned me.
i wish i was stronger :(