Wednesday, June 04, 2003


Whats the thought process of this Blog update? Most of the time its
"on the fly" whateva comes to my mind , i jot it down, this will have to
change for sure, i think best solution is that i remember what i was
thinking while going back home from company in bus.
Last night i was sitting on last but one seat (one before "big" seat at
the end)
There was a group of trainees (definitely from maharastra) busy smsing
each other while they indulged in banter :) i am not old , turned 24 this january
but after witnessing what i saw last night i feel generation gap needs to be redefined

jus go thru this conversation i managed to eavesdrop

PYT - Hey dear!
Smart Alec- Main kya tere ko "deer" lagta hoon? Aadmi ka baccha hoon
PYT - Tujhe kaise pata ki tu aadmi ka baccha hain?
(Btw PYT is pretty young thing for all u retros)
I thanked my stars for not being at the receiving end :)

Then I thought abt her while we were crossing Silk Board junction and call she made
last evening and that she dint want me to call her, i asked her why, to which she
replied that she is busy (she wants to sleep by 8)
And i also congratulated myself for getting Blore Delhi ticket for 4000 Rs only
But 27th seems so far away :(


Monday, June 02, 2003


Will be returning back to delhi in 20 days, i was jus thinking about times when i used
to get frustrated about the distance between delhi and bangalore and the fact that
fastest train takes 35 hours to reach delhi.
Its been more than a year here at Bangalore, suddenly the feeling of leaving this place
has gripped me, i just dont want to get back to dusty bowl called delhi leaving this beautiful
city behind, but more than climate i think its the people in delhi i resent or rather people i
have started resenting lately.
One silver lining is that i ll be near her, but she ll be busy with her work and i ll busy with
my studies so thats hardly a solace :(
Home was wanton but then troubles brewing back in delhi hardly enthuse me to go back
and then i remember Nida Fazli's lines "Kissi ko Mukammal jahan nahin milta/Kabhi
zameen to kabhi aasmaa nahin milta"
(Simply translated : No one gets what he desires)
Desire hmm atleast gimme what i deserve (but who decides what i deserve?)!


Someone told me I have large number of "travel lines" on my hand,
what he meant was that i would travel , dunno if i ll become a travel
writer in my 30's but one thing is for sure i have not travelled a bit for
last one year discounting numerous trips to Delhi and Bombay
which were purely for interview and admission purposes.

Gaurav was urging me for weeks now, and i was feeling little guilty
as well, plus she was also travelling this weekend.
Hari's roka came handy :) atleast i was travelling to chennai (sic)
Thursday morning came the bombshell, one of our freind's car
was to be picked since he left for delhi for 10 days.
Voila! It was kinda brainwave, Gaurav, I Deepak and Rajat decided that
we will not only go to chennai but will do a "NH 48" from Kovalam to Goa

Was I crazy due to my lack of sleep for past few days or simply travel
starved that i jumped at the idea.
Our Matiz was made "battle ready" with propah servicing done and
fuel tank was filled to the brim.

Bangalore to Chennai

Left Blore at 2 am (Were we bonkers?)
Its some 350 odd kms , pretty drab plus Hari'c constant "BcMc" puts
everyone off :) Wheneva i ll travel with him next time i ll make sure i carry
"Tamil" Music since that bas!@# seems to have no respect for rock
and I hate him for that even though he is gem of a person.
Only piece of scenery i liked was when ARECANUT trees came up
at dawn, no pics taken , most of us were too busy thinking abt how
hot chennai will in afternoon.
reached there at breakfast, Sonal was too bleary eyed to acknowledge
my enthu, AuntyJi asked if whether my folks are still in Punjab.
At one point of time it looked she was enquiring me for some "match"
I simply told he i am not marrying a Punjabi at all, i jus hope she is not
Hari's folks came by 10 and ceremony went underway soon enuf,
It was over by 12 and we were ready for the Sea.
Uncle was amused when we said we are going to Bombay by road,
may be he doubted our resolve :)
Wished Hari all the luck, i know he ll be needing that a lot
Sonal is a pukka punju girl she is gonna knock of his balls for sure !
But bast!@#$s deserve that !

Chennai - Penambur

600 Odd kms of sexy coastal national highway, If i ever get chance with
my friends agan i ll recommend this road for sure.
Man for entire stretch between kerala and goa the sea is visible for some 70 %
time and a beach is always round the corner.
Now before i go on lemme make it very clear , we decided to go to beaches which
had lil or no tourists or wee virging beaches.
and there are lots i am telling you :)
Our first beach was penambur some 150 kms south of Mangalore,
serene calm and yet dangerous, a board put up by Mangalore port trust puts figure of the
people who died last year at 10 and i dont think more than 1000 wud have visited that
It has a long abandoned ship breaking plant in vicinty which must have been a nuisance
had it been functioning these days.
We saw some daring people trying to surf board , one couple from Norway said they were
biking to Goa from Trivandram (some guts) whenever i look at these fitness freaks
i have this sudden rush of adrenaline which goes away once meal come up in front of me :)
We spent one hour at the beach, I talked to a chai walla who has been there for 20 years
now, he is actually from Gujarat and was working at Ship breaking plant till it was
He said this place might come up very well soon once KSRTC starts work on its resort on
the beach. Hmm another one bites the dust :)

Penambur - Surathkal

Known for the Regional Engineering College. We were told that there are many dhabas & restaurants.
Afterall, where there are students there are excellent food joints and Surathkal is no exception
Saw one bittu da dhaba written in gurmukhi and i told the pack, boss thats where
I am headed to, had fanatstic lunch (replete with gobhi ka naan and raita).
Surathkal beach too is frquented only by wierdos and college guys from REC.
One thing which i noticed was the cleanliness of the place and very very old lighthouse.
Rajan makes Chai at the beach and he also serves Maggi (mmm)
Boss if u are in beach country on West coast stop being a brat, say no to pepsi
and yes to local lime water !
Surathkal beach is also known for some raunchy parties on New years, Rajan said that
a bunch of nudists group flew down from bombay last year and were arrested few minutes
before dawn :)
Its another "dangerous" beach with no lifegaurd around, many students have lost thier lives


Maple is some 50 Kms from Surathkal, its more of a sleepy fishing town
situated on West coast with beautiful beach which must be 10 Kms long for sure.
Just across the beach is a nice eatery , and the guy who owns it is going to build a
hotel right on beach, I ll make sure i carry her to this place in future.
Perfect for loooong walks jus ideal for one to unwind from this stupid office work
Malpe is famous for its sunset, junta from nearby places like Ududpi/Manipal
come down to see Sun go down in Arabian sea and 31st May was even more special
It was solar eclipse and we were fortunate to be there to witness it.
Had beer on the beach along with some sandwiches (which were okay types)
Never had it so good in my life.
Around 7 pm we made a dash at Manipal
Man that place rocks, sophisticated is the word for infra there and hot is the word
for girls there. Why the f!@# dint I come here for studies !!! Perhaps thats the reason I am
still uncool :(
Its hardly 20k strong town but looks like a small Bandra locality with rich and (almost) famous
doing the rounds in "nuthin" clothes.
Night life is kewl with junta thronging the pubs and bars till late night.
We had dinner at "Dollops" and then moved on to Karwar.



Gosh it was some journey, i can count atleast 50 instances when I thought trucks
will end my promising career before it even starts :) The western ghats are dangerous
for guys who have been driving in cities, thankfully Gaurav is very skilled driver,
fu!@!#$ truckers will almost invariably do everything which goea against the
rule of the book.
Nevertheless after relishing prasadam at "charioteer" Krishna Temple at Udupi
we embarked on to Goa.
I love greenery but not for 300 Kms :(( it was raining pretty heavily , we stopped
somewhere in middle of nowhere and then i called her up, she was also excited abt her
trip, if i only i cud be with her :(
We drove on with Pink Floyd playing for whole night, aim was to see sunrise in Vasco
or Panijm, panjim it was :)
Had Live Crab in afternoon, however the SCUBA plans went haywire.
Man there is something abt me Goa and Rains
Last time i was here, my undies dint dry and this time was no better
Goa was only thing which dint enthuse me on this trip alas i think i was getting lil
weary by now.
We left Goa by early afternoon for Bombay, had to meet Reva who was visitng her parents

Bombay and Back

Reached Bombay by dinnertime, guys went ahead for Rajat's place promising me to pick me up
at midnight. Reva met me at her andheri residence, Bus ride from Indore to Bombay day before
must have exhausted her, since she dint take me for Tendulakars as promised :(
Isme meri galti hain ? So we had to settle for sea face Cafe Coffe day at Bandra, same place where
we had partied for Lippi didi in March.
Something abt that place makes me come back and again, here u r in right at heart of Bombay
and u can actually enjoy the sea !

Guys came by 11:20 and we started our trek back!