Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ship of Theseus (2012)

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Written and directed by Anand Gandhi, a first timer or so they say. This is a brilliant movie, a masterpiece that is too good to be true. Perhaps I will be proven wrong in time to come but for now, I would wage on this film to be the most impressionable work in Indian cinema in years to come.

It consists of 3 stories, separated by distinct lives that their protagonists lead in a busy metropolis. Common thread only appears in the end and is neither unnerving nor banal. It almost becomes a matter of fact for someone immersed in the movie. It starts with a bang and reaches its crescendo in the middle - when some very spirited arguments are exchanged between an atheist monk (yes you heard that right) and his protege. Very Fountainheadesque.

First story amongst other things takes you deep inside an abyss called an artist's misery and self doubt. I wonder what would happen to me and my colleagues if we suddenly wake up to a reality that we are indeed mediocre and all the accolades that we get in our workplace were actually showered on us rather undeservedly. Back to the film, first story is very much a journey that a blind photographer takes where in she gain her sight but loses her art in the bargain.

Second story is my favorite. Protagonist is played by a very talented Neeraj Kabi who has played a physically demanding role to the hilt and shone through some very complex exchanges with a young lawyer who looks up on him as a role model. A very healthy debate on religion, world views and stand comedy is on offer. We will hear more on Neeraj Kabi in coming years, that is for sure.

Third story is perhaps the only blemish on this otherwise very well crafted film. But then it may be case of it being only relatively lesser as compared to first 2 chapters. Slightly thinner plot - a young stock broker who gains a Kidney and also develops a conscience as a bonus.

Now back to Anand Gandhi - he is the best thing to happen to Hindi Cinema in a long time. Both Anurag Kashyap and Dibakar Banerjee have publicly stated their envy after watching this movie. Dibakar apparently went into depression for few days, cocooned in an envelope of self doubt thinking whether he will be ever be to make such a movie.

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