Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last Six Months have been spent in

Boarding DLR to Bank
Learning 10 words in Nihongo
Tube journeys from Heathrow to central London
Tube journeys during strike
Trying out Yakitori food in London
Evading Yakitori in Tokyo
Sunday window shopping in Greenwich village market
Guzzling Newcastle Ale
Fitting suitcase in a small Tokyo hotel room
Finding my way from Roppongi to Otemachi
Walking the streets of Kyoto - Especially Gion corner
River rafting
Roller coasting at Tokyo Dome
90 minute treks at Takao
Poising next to Nizomi - Bullet Train
Shedding inhibitions in Onsen at Nikko
Finding bargains in back alleys of Akihabara
Late night coffee sessions at AM PM store
Boarding last train on Fridays to Shinjuku/Roppongi/Shibuya
Boarding first train on Sat from Shinjuku/Roppongi/Shibuya

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Aag ka gola

I am watching Harrison Ford- Anne Heche starrer 6 days 7 nights on a listless Sunday evening and among other things that really caught my eye was one particular scene where our Hans Solo is trying to take off using a vintage plane. Ofcourse to add spice to this situation, screenplay is being shared by Samoan-looking pirates trying to gun him down. Now we are talking about pre Jack Sparrow era where pirates were not being in not same league that of skywalkers.

But apart from humiliating these wretched seafarers by portraying them as dimwits, this movie has actually insulted proud generations of artillery engineers. This unpardonable goof happens when pirates are shown trying to aim at Ford's plane and the release of the shell occurs when the gun is at right angle to the pirate ship - shell is lobbed overhead. Needless to say, it misses its aim and comes back to wreck havoc on poor souls. Why on earth would a gun with no guidance system be designed to avert a foolish scenario. Inexplicable to say the least.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tick Tocking Pollies

Politics is never a favorite subject with my peer group. Most of the people either belong to This-doesnt-affect-me-Hence-I-dont-follow or I-am-not-interested camps.

Well for others there is something to cheer about - proliferation of political blogs.

One of the better reads is

PS Even Yossarin (author of this blog) got UP elections wrong :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Just a thought

Why do we use the term "Answering the questions" when it comes to exams back in India while most of the first world uses the term "Solving the problem"?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Classical Music(k)

Wonder why those gullible folks in Egypt, Iran, Iraq and other middle east countries feast on Indian film music?
Check this wonderful effort from a good and very smart samaritan, Karthik S -

Now i know why these guys are called Music Directors and not Composers.

Please inform your friends in Oceania (especially among Maori community), Nordic music circles and Chad's Rock fraternity about this, you might be able to save their originality before someone ships their CD to a certain address in Chennai.

Monday, April 02, 2007

U Turn

Have just changed the name of the blog, will try to shift focus away from self. It will be a gradual process though. Hope to survive the same

Saturday, March 31, 2007

300 and score is settled

As usual Saturdays go, yesterday too was spent thinking hard about whether or not to have tea in the morning without customary biscuits. High point on any saturday is reached when thumb goes comfortably numb from flipping channels and you suddenly remember that personal hygiene has been neglected all the week. As I watched some more hair go down the drain, I decided it is time for me to soak up some sun, use BMTC' bus services and satisfy my psuedo reading apetite by buying a second hand book from MG Road.
I was sure that it would make a great addition to a dozen other books i havent read for last 2 years. Met up with a friend who trampled on my juvenile habit of not saying no when it matters the most and we decided to watch 300 at Rex.
Oddly enough, images that this numbers conjures in blue billion mindset are those of Indian batters screwing hapless bowlers from other countries on a belter of a pitch in locations like Kochi, Vizhag and newest addition in Puttaparthy. Thats where 90% of centuries for Tendulkar, Sehwag, Ganguly and Dravid come from. Groundsmen often come from road construction business. But thats another thing altogether.
Coming back to 300, we got the tickets, although i secretly hoped that the guy on the counter turns out to be a ex anti hindi activist, argument could lead to scuffle and finally to us getting thrown out of the theatre premises. As is the case, nothing of that sort happened and we headed for a mug of beer to kill time before show was supposed to start.
As I was sipping my share of Kingfisher (thats the only brew that you get in the Beer capital of this country), one question kept coming back to me - why on earth (and vulcan planets) was I shortlisted to be invited to this movie.

May be it was because of my unkempt demeanour and lineage (jatlands of Delhi). For the record I used to play french cricket with tennis ball at a ground that was close to vikas puri govt school where Sehwag used to abuse bowlers and Umpires alike before socking them up in case he got out for less than 50 .These experiences have shaped up my anti Non Violence posture till Rang De Basanti came last yeat and has further reinforced my beliefs.
So we finished our Beers (okie couple of Mugs) along with complimentary popcorn and headed to watch film that had originally cast Sunny Deol who wanted to go alone instead. However since the book was titled 300 and not "Iklauta" (The Only One), he had to back down. Although there were efforts to pursuade him, his insistence on having Late Amrish Puri as Xerxes and Bobby and Abhay Deol as Indian princes who make a guest appearance in an item number finally did him in.
Well honestly I did not watch most of the scenes, we were sitting in the second row, the guy in front of me was very tall - around 5 feet 8 inches and he managed an upright position (of his back) for 2 hours. Thankfully we parted our ways soon after the movie - I did not want to get into a review discussion.

Yet I think it is a great movie if you are:
  1. A Student of a girls only school and your treasure trove of beefcake pics has just been confiscated by your mom
  2. Critical of Persian military advances in 300 BC
  3. or Into body piercing
For others I recommend safe ride home in an auto.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

DeckHeads all

Whenever i get a chance to meet some of my peers working in other companies/industries, coversation is usually two dimensional - gossip about job switching in group and bitching about the fact that we are all Powerpoint coollies.

Its the latter that fascinates me. On an average day, i make/collaborate with others in my company to make presentation - mostly for internal use. Often these presentations are laden with figures, tables, images and almost prosaic text.

It is funny but the sheer size of information on the presentation is OBSCENE.

This is certainly contrary to what we were taught (sometimes on the job) about using much abused powerpoint presentations. I am sure most of the junta in the Pre Sales/Marketing/Product Management fields would agree with me. So why this blatant departure from obvious best practice. Answer lies in the use - for internal and extraneous (as in for others) purpose.
In plain words, someone ELSE is going to use them and it is going to be asset for the firm for the time immemorial.

So in a sense, what they actually need is a document (detailed to the last hilt). However a document is more difficult to review (frequent check ins and NY traffic) and is therefore less suited to a US/Client facing lifestyle.

Result - a confused sales support guy who unlearns all the virtues of using a powerful tool :)