Sunday, November 19, 2006

Colonial Past

Its been 6 weeks since i have tasted salty fried doughnuts (read Vada) or a Rice/Carb tablet(read Idli) but strangely it is not food that i am missing here in NY. Infact its not even cricket, our consistent non performance in One days came handy.

So apparently it is a sport that India doesnt even excel in (read my sarci post below).

EPL is what is making feel so misty about other almost forgettable saturday evenings. Oh i miss watching those matches that come so close to basketball quarters/attack at all costs games :(

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Go Ogle!

Yippee Google Videos are here in India!
Searched for Star Trek Voyager and saw sexy high res snippet of one of the best episodes - Endgame Part 2. Bad news for my to do list

check out

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Argentina could not win World cup again, i have been watching this crazy game since Italia 90 and they have disappointed an ardent fan in me time and again. But i am sure they ll be back, Messi will only grow stronger and cleverer, Requelme will be 30 and Tevez, well only uglier and craftier in South Africa.

Brings me to indian football scene these days, apparently we have a new coach who says that we need taller players (duh), and he is sure that he ll find 4-5 of such folks in North India. It has all come down to this! We are easily 130th on a list where apparently war torn ex yugoslav republics are hitting top 20s easily.

So story goes that Indian National team was in Canada where they were playing against world class teams in Vancouver White Caps and Cardiff city. We ended up third there. Competetion was certainly tough, apparently Vanc WC were so desperate that they enlisted highly professional local street footballers to stop Indian juggernaut of five feet gaints. I must also add here that third side Cardiff has long tradition in English football, albiet they have failed to make presence in EPL for decades now.

Nevertheless there are going to be celeberations in Kolkata when Indian team comes back and hectic football season starts (yet) again. Man there is no other place when micro achievement is met with such enthusiasm. I still remember when Sao Palo club had come over to India with 4th or 5th string team and were beating India 4-0 at every centre matches were held. And suddenly in a game someone scored (certain malnutrioned Bikash Panji i think, used to be India captain) with a seeminly impossible volley from 25 yards. My TV (middle class Texla model) started jumping up and down due to deafening noise in the stadium.

Then came '92 and Star TV. I chose less pompous crowds of EPL and Serie A instead.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Have you ever curled yourself
Around a razor blade because
The cold bite and sharpened
Tang were all you could feel
And it was better than
Feeling nothing?

ps : taken from here

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I miss

Janeway steering Voyager after a close escape frm certain death, Neelix' delta quadrant culinary skills, Kes and her unexplained disappearance, Seska's betrayal, Chakotay and his tattoo, Torres and Paris, Paris and Kim, Tuvok's rationality, Janeway's irrationality, Species 8472 and Borgs, Resistance is futile, Delta flyer, Time travel, Q and Q continuum, Seven of Nine and her memory flashes about Raven, Doctor and his idiosyncracies about being human and most of their journey back home.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Delhi Rape

added to lexicon here

I think I can give a try to Delhi Bus Ride

'' Travel in a Delhi bus that is often served hot with expletives 'Saale Maa ke !@#$ aage kyun nahin hota hain', 'Is Ch!@#$ ko yahin utaar do', 'Behan!@#$ ticket le, Tera staff nahin chalega' and often results in either getting down with high probability that you will hurt yourself"

Ofcourse this is nothing as compared to being "felt" by organic tresspassers.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Core Competencies

Attending Press Conferences by Rahul Dravid - Guy needs a break, I think he was better off when he was keeping wickets and donning Vice Captaincy hat during Ganguly era.

Burning "Heart Shaped" effigies by Shiv Sena - Awesome work, doesnt hurt anyone and is good fun too, they need to concentrate on this rather than burning down poor florists' shops in Mumbai.

BP Singhal on News Channels - He can use the frown on his forehead in a RGV horror movie, Daraana Zaroori hain

Afridi's sweet somethings while fielding in Point region - Could channelise his competency in Vernacular abuses to educate first year zoology students on female anatomy and in some case wierd male anatomy as well

Friday, February 10, 2006

Outlook - Microsoft or otherwise!
Just changed jobs, well job is not the word, I think organization or rather organization from whose account i draw my wages is a better one. I now am part of Sails and Mark-Keating (Oh those S&D classes and understandably challenged people) in an IT firm. So what has changed for me:

Am I working more, well if work is a function of number of keystrokes in a day, answer is yes. Also now I can relate my lack of sense of humour to utter lack of work in last few months, not that i have improved in last 2 weeks but i am getting there

Is it thought provoking? Yes, in a way but it also reminds me of how almost everything that an MBA does is quite similar to basic tenets of world's oldest profession, in terms of being customer focussed - not mixing personal with professional life which in other words means having none of former till you retire/burn out and die/take liberal arts.

Every morning I send this to atleast 4 morons hoping Read Receipt did not fool me the night before.

"Hi JackAss

I just saw your mail today, so did this call happen yesterday?