Sunday, December 14, 2003

Cold calling God

Thats exactly what i feel like doing tonight, dint have a worse day for sometime.
Had to cancel a get together with Preeti and others, they were looking forward to that and i let them down at the last moment jus becasue i had a "Presentation" to prepare alongwith other "team members"
I am yet to come across a project where everyone has tried his/her best, one invariably finds fu!@ing freeloaders who jus because they are close friends jus dont work coz they have "other" plans.

The whole team work thing sux big time, i know its naive to think otherwise if u r in FMS but then i came from an organization where people actually worked as a team.I think its more to do with North Indian mentality of watching out for "what exactly is there for me in this thing".

Are there any lessons for me to be learnt? U bet. Never ever think about giving more than what is required from u (safe assumption is Total Work/ N (PERCENTAGE COMMITMENT) where 'N' is the total number of project partners).

And never ever cancel your school get together.


Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Minor Glitches
Exams came and went, jus dunno how am i going to fare coz they all looked same to me.
Puking was the central theme here, with ,my gastric juices working overtime.
well never mind these exams, i have already given them hazaar times and they serve no purpose as i see them! Life has been subjected to lotta constraints these days, i foiund lesser and lesser time to even read newspapers. Well there is lot that i missed it seems, Delhi is capturing mindshare (and printshare) for all types of reasons, good and bad.Presidential guards decided to empty their libido tanks in one of the most notorious of parks in Delhi (i still remember how we used to burst into giggles when some used to tell us about Buddha Gardens) Issue here is not to look this as an incident which prompted Prez to order the whole battalion to godforsaken place after these guys were caught but into a deeper understanding of indian psyche.We seem to have no contempt of ourselves, freely spitting, hurling choicest of gaalis and heckling others on road seem to have become our second nature. Do we blame this on our climate (some bast!@#$ psychoanalysts have balls to link this to tropical nature of our geography)? Or the genes? Have been reading couple of books these days, Heat and Dust talks about an ICS officer trying to pursuade his wife to go to Shimla during summer since it might get to her, and it gets to her finally when she elopes with the local Nawab. Summer theory might sound realistic but it does not gravitate into a possible reason for our attitude towards urban life, we still feel we live in rural hinterland where only law is no law. Cant help being a pessimestic here :)


Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Great to be back
Its been a month since i last edited my blog, lot of things have happened both for good and otherwise. But i wont blog bitter things today thats for sure.
Summerz happened and whats even better is that i got a decent bargain (am not too sure if i shud spell the company's name here)
Met her last weekend after a long time, jus hope that we are able to keep up with this maddening schedule. A lot many submissions happened, midsems came and went with results which pointed that i will not be able to make any forays into 70's :(

Monday, August 04, 2003

Days go by

Last time I saw this video, i was in comforts of a cushy job, relaxing my way through endless fridays and beer pints watching television day in and day out
Now i dont have a job (BSkool is not exactly a job u see) and its going to be long 20 months before i get back to corporate life (2 month summers will be over soon). Life is thus a random function of factors like submissions, mid terms, GLs, looking forward to meet her, quizzes and emptiness (i dunno of what :( )

Friday, July 25, 2003


If there is something called chaos, its my life
If there is someone called confused, its me

Sunday, July 06, 2003

New to this and new to that

Its been a week , but for all practical reasons sounds more like a month
Somethings were not important but then who am i to decide their
dispensibility, they came my way and i tried :)
Went to her new dwelling yesterday, was kinda suprised that girls too
can be clumsy just as we are
next week inshallah we ll go to BCL but then again such is our state
of affairs nuthin is decided till it really happens


Thursday, June 26, 2003

Jus dont want to talk to anyone today
Am lil pissed off and lil surprised at people
Wonder if i am overreacting but since this does
not fall into any one of those "glam" behaviours
be it "feminist","snooty","indifferent" no one will
even try to understand whats the f!@#$ing problem!


Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Came across some comments on state (or rather lack of it)
of Politics which seems to have taken couple of turns too wrong
for last 50 years.
I have conjured up some points in favor of these politicians, rather
these are in favor of system we seem to have developed for last
5 decades. In my opinion we should understand that we have
been ruled by monarchy (either by proxy or otherwise) for time
immemorial, thus mai baap is in encoded on our genetic
maps, we simply cannot do away with comparing a PM with a Rajah
simply because we always want ourselves to be ruled rather
than being governed.
Also at no point of time have we been able to come up with a mass
campaign against the incumbents (spare emergency for political reasons)
We should have rooted out Narasimha Rao Govt when Babri Masjid was
demolished not because it was a muslim structure but because it was
an act of anarchy and setting a bad precedent.
We should have rooted out Vajpayee govt when Mista Jaswant Singh
accompanied Taliban ministers in Kandhar in an act of national shame.
We should have rooted out Mayawati/kalyan combine when they came up
with ridiculous formula of power sharing in UP.
We should root out the government or atleast sack Railways Minister
whenever a train derails.
We should sack Human Welfare Minister whenever a dowry death happens.
Same should be true for defence minister wheneva a MIG crashes.
Are we capable of doing this, I am afrad not.
So please stop cribbing about Politicians and get some balls first!


Friday, June 20, 2003

Van Halen
Jump and Right Now Rocks!
Last Weekend in Bangalore

Havent finished City of Djinns but i am quite sure
Monday will see Age of Kali unless something
drastic happens.I lost my wallet (again?), Papa was mad
but then again it is supposed to be that way aint it?
I mean wierd is when he is not mad at me :)
Its overcast here for last 3 4 days now, its that smell of
Rains and mud which is so refreshing to us Indians.
May be thats why we urbanites look forward to Monsoon.
Have a party tonight with Hari and ilk, Gupats will be
taken care on Sunday, JJ should have been here :(

Yahoo Groups for MPAE started on a new lease of life - Guha's ouster
Guha - if there was a unifying factor in our class, it was Guha
We all agreed in disagreeing with him.
May be its last time we heard from him, dont know whether
its for good.
Raoul has been pestering me with his silly requests, dont know if he
is really actng funny or this is his true self :))
He gave me H2GTG and LOTR BBC radio transcripts in a CD, me
thinks they are awesome!


Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Bill's Book

While everyone is talking about new found virtues of forgiveness
in former First Lady for her Husband's failings, one thing i noticed
was the fact that Hillary more than Bill needs this publicity involving
the book (which is very imaginatively called Living History) She
might be thinking about 2008 elections with Dubya doingeverything
wrong and Republicans clueless about what to do about it, No one
can win an election on troubled marriage however stinking it might
have become especially when you are on verge of becoming president
of most powerful country.I personally think Presidential Elections and
Oscars are won in media, Gallups will trace the last voter and ask
her/his choice to boot.Anyways i was always disgusted with it and
with reaction in third world which seems to see it as common sex
scandals (Brits seem to have perfected that art especially those
gay ministers) and not even acknowledge the fact that things are
awry in global political circles let alone US.Contrary to Hillary's writing
prowess William Dalrymple's ability is much admired by yours truly,
picked up City of Djinns which is quite extraordicary thing to do by me
since I am a self confessed Delhi hater for long now.Have jus gobbled up
50 pages, Punjabis have been likened to uncouth farmers and Sikhs have
pardoned "congressmen" for 1984.This might get finished by tomorrow,
will start on Age of Kali by same author.Havent received her mail for 2 days,
wonder this is a start of next phase of our relationship Sarita called, delhi's
Baap of all get together might happen after all :)


Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Up the Down Ladder

Ady referred to one GD session he had when he was
giving IIMC interviewin 2k+1, i can relate to that particular
sentiment now that i am lil nervous about coming months.
I am upbeat about MBA, but am apprehensive about what
kinda job i ll be doing.Looking forward to be with my Parents
but am sad about losing my independence (however filthy
my flat was! ).Delhi means great food but Bangalore was fun all
the way. FMS and DU was places where you ll find tremendous
people but InfyCity ROX period!
No Updates but No Bossing around as well.No KTs to do but
then i ll miss out on impressing trainee chicks :(
No puffed eyes due to late nights , but no late nights
No Monday Ties but no looking forward to Friday
No filling up of DART but no high speed internet access (FMS
No dumb sales guy calling up my number for credit cards
but no free credit card offers for lifetime as well.
No "thinking about what to do on weekends" but then no weekends
as well

Its a tough life.
Like ELDoc said in morning "Amit u ll have swell time"
I will, sure i will!


Monday, June 16, 2003

Reasons Y i hate leaving this place! Continued

Zion (blrkec15702, yeah thats my mean Machine in Matrix called InfyLan (20k+ Machines))
Coffee Dispensing Machine
Arguments with Friends on where this Org is heading to
Arguments with Friends on where I am heading to
Evening snacks at Lotus Food Court
ATM at ICICI and sweet girl who sits in the Bank
Bangalore FM (is so much better than shit Delhi FM airs)
Shop in 9th Block where AuntyJi gives absolutely delicious Sabudana Khichdi (Pune again :(( )
Unlimited PrintOuts I can take anytime
My WhiteBoard
Greek Family Chart at my Desk
Chaos at my Desk
Project Update Meetings (specially when i can ask people questions)
Not filling DART (dont ask me what , wont tell anyway)
KEC InToon (Dilbert/Garfield/Archie all of em)
Food World Offers (Best Ones :buy one tropicana and get another one free)
Unlimited Pints We have at Purple Haze
Girls who will sheepishly stand outside Urban Edge/The Hypnos/Insomnia/IBar
Domlur Junction waala TGIF
Trip to Airport (with a resolve that I ll be back !)


10 9 8 7 ....

Yup it has started ,one more weekend to go before i hit the homestretch
am listenin to Van Halen and Dave Matthews Band, trying to make myself
work for this meeting tomorrow and trying not to get upset about money issues

Will try to take Sahara PickUp bus on 27th :)

Friday, June 13, 2003

Am having tuff time managing money, courtesy my spending habits
Citibank and no salary from Office since i have given them notice
for seperation :(

gimme shitload of money ye god so that i dont have to worry about the

Raoul told me fandoo trivia about Gorrilaz, the fact that it is one man band
:) and the guy is none other than lead singer from Blur !


Thursday, June 12, 2003

Treat @ Dominos

Had Project Team treat today, went to Dominos although I personally
wanted to give in aaranya but then there were logistics problems :)
Went off peacefully , and now i am planning for photo session on
Garre will be gone on 18th and i wont see him again for long time :(
Wish i remained in Bangalore


Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Reasons Y i hate leaving this place!

My First Project
Wonderful Team
Electronics City
Cafe Coffee Day
2 AM Cabs
10:30 AM Shuttle Bus
Blue Bus in Morning with FM and Complimentary Deccan Herald
Delhi's Pugnacious Weather/People(in ascending order)
Local DVD waala
Pan Waala (who keeps Davidoff only for ME )
Casa Picola and its Paneer Platter
Late nights with Junta I love
Long Distance calls
Looking forward to Holidays
Smoking Pergola
Girls in Building 28/29
Aaranya (on silk board junction, only if they cud bring food rates down )
Influx Launches
Consulting Assigments
Dreaming of Onsite everytime i go for Sleep
Sinus attacks
NRN/Nandan walking past u in the Morning
CNBC crew in campus at the start of every Quarter
Indra Nooyi/Naina Lal Kidwai planting trees 20 Metres from your cubicle
World's Most Powerful Leaders planting trees 20 Metres from your cubicle
Bulletin Board
Gaurav P
Offshore Cows/Cows Day
"Last Day in Infosys" Emails on BB
"Sweets on my Desk" Emails on Internal Boards

List is incomplete , I ll get back and complete it before 27th for sure.


Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Havent been updating my blog these days, she is busy and so am I.
Preeti mailed me yesterday, it felt so nice to hear from her, when i look
back to my years in school she is the one who stands as one person
who was not only bright (used to brush past me in every exam brrr)
but also so down to earth, she ll never have any problems with you.
Perhaps thats the reason I had a crush on her for long long time :)
I am looking forward to meeting her once i am in delhi.


Monday, June 09, 2003

Happy Birthday
She is 25. dont know her for long but she must have changed (err evolve) for sure.
Every year we treat others booze around do anything and everything but we just
dont reflect back:( I suggest we shud alteast write one page on what we want
from life and try to compare them over the years.


Wednesday, June 04, 2003


Whats the thought process of this Blog update? Most of the time its
"on the fly" whateva comes to my mind , i jot it down, this will have to
change for sure, i think best solution is that i remember what i was
thinking while going back home from company in bus.
Last night i was sitting on last but one seat (one before "big" seat at
the end)
There was a group of trainees (definitely from maharastra) busy smsing
each other while they indulged in banter :) i am not old , turned 24 this january
but after witnessing what i saw last night i feel generation gap needs to be redefined

jus go thru this conversation i managed to eavesdrop

PYT - Hey dear!
Smart Alec- Main kya tere ko "deer" lagta hoon? Aadmi ka baccha hoon
PYT - Tujhe kaise pata ki tu aadmi ka baccha hain?
(Btw PYT is pretty young thing for all u retros)
I thanked my stars for not being at the receiving end :)

Then I thought abt her while we were crossing Silk Board junction and call she made
last evening and that she dint want me to call her, i asked her why, to which she
replied that she is busy (she wants to sleep by 8)
And i also congratulated myself for getting Blore Delhi ticket for 4000 Rs only
But 27th seems so far away :(


Monday, June 02, 2003


Will be returning back to delhi in 20 days, i was jus thinking about times when i used
to get frustrated about the distance between delhi and bangalore and the fact that
fastest train takes 35 hours to reach delhi.
Its been more than a year here at Bangalore, suddenly the feeling of leaving this place
has gripped me, i just dont want to get back to dusty bowl called delhi leaving this beautiful
city behind, but more than climate i think its the people in delhi i resent or rather people i
have started resenting lately.
One silver lining is that i ll be near her, but she ll be busy with her work and i ll busy with
my studies so thats hardly a solace :(
Home was wanton but then troubles brewing back in delhi hardly enthuse me to go back
and then i remember Nida Fazli's lines "Kissi ko Mukammal jahan nahin milta/Kabhi
zameen to kabhi aasmaa nahin milta"
(Simply translated : No one gets what he desires)
Desire hmm atleast gimme what i deserve (but who decides what i deserve?)!


Someone told me I have large number of "travel lines" on my hand,
what he meant was that i would travel , dunno if i ll become a travel
writer in my 30's but one thing is for sure i have not travelled a bit for
last one year discounting numerous trips to Delhi and Bombay
which were purely for interview and admission purposes.

Gaurav was urging me for weeks now, and i was feeling little guilty
as well, plus she was also travelling this weekend.
Hari's roka came handy :) atleast i was travelling to chennai (sic)
Thursday morning came the bombshell, one of our freind's car
was to be picked since he left for delhi for 10 days.
Voila! It was kinda brainwave, Gaurav, I Deepak and Rajat decided that
we will not only go to chennai but will do a "NH 48" from Kovalam to Goa

Was I crazy due to my lack of sleep for past few days or simply travel
starved that i jumped at the idea.
Our Matiz was made "battle ready" with propah servicing done and
fuel tank was filled to the brim.

Bangalore to Chennai

Left Blore at 2 am (Were we bonkers?)
Its some 350 odd kms , pretty drab plus Hari'c constant "BcMc" puts
everyone off :) Wheneva i ll travel with him next time i ll make sure i carry
"Tamil" Music since that bas!@# seems to have no respect for rock
and I hate him for that even though he is gem of a person.
Only piece of scenery i liked was when ARECANUT trees came up
at dawn, no pics taken , most of us were too busy thinking abt how
hot chennai will in afternoon.
reached there at breakfast, Sonal was too bleary eyed to acknowledge
my enthu, AuntyJi asked if whether my folks are still in Punjab.
At one point of time it looked she was enquiring me for some "match"
I simply told he i am not marrying a Punjabi at all, i jus hope she is not
Hari's folks came by 10 and ceremony went underway soon enuf,
It was over by 12 and we were ready for the Sea.
Uncle was amused when we said we are going to Bombay by road,
may be he doubted our resolve :)
Wished Hari all the luck, i know he ll be needing that a lot
Sonal is a pukka punju girl she is gonna knock of his balls for sure !
But bast!@#$s deserve that !

Chennai - Penambur

600 Odd kms of sexy coastal national highway, If i ever get chance with
my friends agan i ll recommend this road for sure.
Man for entire stretch between kerala and goa the sea is visible for some 70 %
time and a beach is always round the corner.
Now before i go on lemme make it very clear , we decided to go to beaches which
had lil or no tourists or wee virging beaches.
and there are lots i am telling you :)
Our first beach was penambur some 150 kms south of Mangalore,
serene calm and yet dangerous, a board put up by Mangalore port trust puts figure of the
people who died last year at 10 and i dont think more than 1000 wud have visited that
It has a long abandoned ship breaking plant in vicinty which must have been a nuisance
had it been functioning these days.
We saw some daring people trying to surf board , one couple from Norway said they were
biking to Goa from Trivandram (some guts) whenever i look at these fitness freaks
i have this sudden rush of adrenaline which goes away once meal come up in front of me :)
We spent one hour at the beach, I talked to a chai walla who has been there for 20 years
now, he is actually from Gujarat and was working at Ship breaking plant till it was
He said this place might come up very well soon once KSRTC starts work on its resort on
the beach. Hmm another one bites the dust :)

Penambur - Surathkal

Known for the Regional Engineering College. We were told that there are many dhabas & restaurants.
Afterall, where there are students there are excellent food joints and Surathkal is no exception
Saw one bittu da dhaba written in gurmukhi and i told the pack, boss thats where
I am headed to, had fanatstic lunch (replete with gobhi ka naan and raita).
Surathkal beach too is frquented only by wierdos and college guys from REC.
One thing which i noticed was the cleanliness of the place and very very old lighthouse.
Rajan makes Chai at the beach and he also serves Maggi (mmm)
Boss if u are in beach country on West coast stop being a brat, say no to pepsi
and yes to local lime water !
Surathkal beach is also known for some raunchy parties on New years, Rajan said that
a bunch of nudists group flew down from bombay last year and were arrested few minutes
before dawn :)
Its another "dangerous" beach with no lifegaurd around, many students have lost thier lives


Maple is some 50 Kms from Surathkal, its more of a sleepy fishing town
situated on West coast with beautiful beach which must be 10 Kms long for sure.
Just across the beach is a nice eatery , and the guy who owns it is going to build a
hotel right on beach, I ll make sure i carry her to this place in future.
Perfect for loooong walks jus ideal for one to unwind from this stupid office work
Malpe is famous for its sunset, junta from nearby places like Ududpi/Manipal
come down to see Sun go down in Arabian sea and 31st May was even more special
It was solar eclipse and we were fortunate to be there to witness it.
Had beer on the beach along with some sandwiches (which were okay types)
Never had it so good in my life.
Around 7 pm we made a dash at Manipal
Man that place rocks, sophisticated is the word for infra there and hot is the word
for girls there. Why the f!@# dint I come here for studies !!! Perhaps thats the reason I am
still uncool :(
Its hardly 20k strong town but looks like a small Bandra locality with rich and (almost) famous
doing the rounds in "nuthin" clothes.
Night life is kewl with junta thronging the pubs and bars till late night.
We had dinner at "Dollops" and then moved on to Karwar.



Gosh it was some journey, i can count atleast 50 instances when I thought trucks
will end my promising career before it even starts :) The western ghats are dangerous
for guys who have been driving in cities, thankfully Gaurav is very skilled driver,
fu!@!#$ truckers will almost invariably do everything which goea against the
rule of the book.
Nevertheless after relishing prasadam at "charioteer" Krishna Temple at Udupi
we embarked on to Goa.
I love greenery but not for 300 Kms :(( it was raining pretty heavily , we stopped
somewhere in middle of nowhere and then i called her up, she was also excited abt her
trip, if i only i cud be with her :(
We drove on with Pink Floyd playing for whole night, aim was to see sunrise in Vasco
or Panijm, panjim it was :)
Had Live Crab in afternoon, however the SCUBA plans went haywire.
Man there is something abt me Goa and Rains
Last time i was here, my undies dint dry and this time was no better
Goa was only thing which dint enthuse me on this trip alas i think i was getting lil
weary by now.
We left Goa by early afternoon for Bombay, had to meet Reva who was visitng her parents

Bombay and Back

Reached Bombay by dinnertime, guys went ahead for Rajat's place promising me to pick me up
at midnight. Reva met me at her andheri residence, Bus ride from Indore to Bombay day before
must have exhausted her, since she dint take me for Tendulakars as promised :(
Isme meri galti hain ? So we had to settle for sea face Cafe Coffe day at Bandra, same place where
we had partied for Lippi didi in March.
Something abt that place makes me come back and again, here u r in right at heart of Bombay
and u can actually enjoy the sea !

Guys came by 11:20 and we started our trek back!

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Sea is Calling

Presto ! What does one need on a weekend? A "roka" to attend :)
Five Guys and a Car to boot and Ola , we go to Chennai tonight
and then off to Ocean :)

I wanted this break badly, since she ll be going to Mussourie with her
friends before she starts going to new organisation she has just
joined and it would have been a drab weekend without a call from her.

What am I gonna take with me?
Pair of Bermudas
Pair of Undies
Swimming Trunks
Camera (if Hari is willing I ll get his HandyCam as well)
and a resolve that next time I make plans for vacation She shud be
there as well :) Amen to that!

Toilet Buddies

Garre,Pasu,Sree,Prasanna, Sukriti(No we dont have unisex toilets yet but she passes (sic) by us
wheneva we go for leak).

I think going to toilet in droves relaxes people at large(sic again), plus a project team which
"pisses" together stays together :) however I hate when Raol goes for his call, this guy is 6' 2" !!

Bas!@#$! Ofcourse I am pissed off


Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Song I have been listening to for last 60 hours :)
King of Wishful Thinking (Rod Stewart)

I dont need to fall at your feet

Just cause you ve cut me to the bone

And I wont miss the way that you kiss me

We were never carved in stone

If I dont listen to the talk of the town

Maybe I can fool myself

I ll get over you

I know I will

I ll pretend my ship s not sinking

And I ll tell myself I m over you

Cause Im the king of wishful thinking

(King of wishful thinking)

I am the king of wishful thinking

I refuse to give into my blues

Thats not how its gonna be

And I deny the tears in my eyes

I dont want to let you see, no, no

That you have made a hole in my heart

And now Ive got to fool myself

I ll get over you

I know I will

I ll pretend my ship s not sinking

And I ll tell myself Im over you

Cause I m the king of wishful thinking

I ll get over you

I know I will

I ll pretend my ship s not sinking

And I ll tell myself I m over you

Cause I m the king of wishful thinking

(King of wishful thinking), yeah

Oh, I ll never, never, never shed a tear for you

I ll get over you

I know I will

If I don t listen to the talk of the town

Then maybe I can fool myself

I ll get over you

I know I will

I ll pretend my ship s not sinking

And I ll tell myself I m over you

Cause I m the king of wishful thinking

(King of wishful thinking)

I m the king of wishful thinking

I ll get over you

I know I will

You made a hole in my heart

But I wont shed a tear for you

I ll be the king of wishful thinking

I ll get over you (over you)

I know I will

I ll pretend my heart s still beating

Cause I ve got no more tears for you

I m the king of wishful thinking

I ll get over you (over you)

I know I will

You made a hole in my heart

And I ll tell myself I m over you

Cause I m the king of wishful thinking


I was five years old then when mayhem struck in so called hindi heartland, I can always point
Anti Sikh riots as one turning point as far as my political views are concerned.
At first Sikhs dont resemble any other minority (I hate this word when it is used for Sikhs
, the very people who have sacrificed more than all other communities combined)
and even khalistan movement at its heydays never targeted any Hindu.
Before I write this blog i must make it very clear although i am a Punjabi i never
sympathised with Khalistani cause , not because i am a Hindu but because
its against Punjabiyat to raise arms against the our motherland.

Coming back to 1984 riots which I witnessed in Kanpur, one thing which comes to
my mind is that it was not spontaneous as it seemed, mobs were very much
regulated and they knew exact places where they will find hapless Sikhs in town.
Did i say "regulated" mobs? Now this seem to point to an organisation which always
boasted of great member base , no not Seva Dal (its defunct for looong time now)
RSS seemed to be quite capable of doing what happened in 1984.
No i am not absolving congress of all the mayhem, and Rajeev Gandhi's quote
was most irresponsible one has ever come across, but its seemed that congress
was not exactly an organisation which knew for sure what to do about Sikhs.

Thats how i would describe this "city", coz one it is not a city as such and
although it "houses" 10000 souls in daytime it seems to be free from any ill effects
of city.Infy City, i remember my first day at this revered campus.I arrived in monday's
propah attire on one fine december morning alongwith JJ, after we entered the main
gate something in us made us move towards the "Corporate" building where we
asked for whereabouts of our reporting manager from "far from amused"
receptionist , who gave us the directions with "boy-u-are-at-wrong-place" look :)
Not more than 10 mtrs away was Him, man corporate india affectionately refers as
NRN.I bowed my head and HE seem to reciprocate as well or so i thought.
I hurriedly left the place half embarassed half amazed , thanking my stars
that i was able to see HIM from such a close distance.

(to be continued)

Use Me
i am going to write this blog in a hurry , jus something which has been troubling my sleep
lately :) Emotional Recycle Bin yeah thats what i have become, people jus dont
know where to stop, they will howl they will abuse this world , people around them
their bosses, indian education system and would then wait for my comments
as if it matters to them, actually its not my opinion which matters its my listening skills
which are handy to them.
yesterday a conversation with baniya went like this

B : Khanne yaar bata is PL ka kya karoo?
Me: Kya matlab?
B: Man this place sucks, now my PL is going back on his promise of giving me band 1
Me: yaar yahan sabke saath aisa hi hain
B: Hey par mere saath hi kyon?
Me: Chill yaar
B: What chill? Tell me what should i do about this? I am banking on u
Me: Boss abhi keep chill, baad mein agle cycle mein dekhiyo
B: Yaar yeh to bata saale onsite kaise maangu
Me: Baniye how do i know yaar , main to kabhi gaya hi nahin
B: Cmon yaar tere ko pata hain ki kaise patate, mujhe bhi bata

Is there a course (with full fee refund offer) which teaches us to say "Stop right
there bugger or i ll shoot ur b!@#$s off" !


Thursday, May 22, 2003

Was always a big fan of this series, one of the roomies got First Season some time back
After a bad day (I called her up again and discussion went nowhere) i jus could not put
myself to sleep coupled with Hari's atrocious posture while sleeping so i thought of
seeing whole of the season (3 hours in all ) at 1 am.
Laughed at almost every joke, cried at every cruel twist in story, felt like a kid who
would appear calm from outside but would explode when questioned.

Am every bit a Chandler, worrisome about what people think of me, so most of the time
is spent in thinking about others, funniest part is others dont even notice this :))
She hasnt mailed since morning. Some time its jus better to let the time pass
lest some thing stupid happens.

Read about slow rate of disinvestment in papers, I have no idea when the hell was it
fast. Arun Shourie seems to unsure of himself now or is he now fully entrenched into

Things to look forward to

Got Kotler's Marketing Management from library last week,which i must say
is a decent read especially for a person like who always followed lots of case studies
in Marketing and people behind it, earlier it was part of trivia, now its academics
Alas times change

UML is another thing which i am looking forward to, i should
have learnt it some time back but then better late than never.
Am writing this as clock ticks for 8 pm, bus time is round the corner.
and last but not the least have to buy gift for her this weekend

Fears Inside

I had a chat with her, She told me about some guy who "proposed" her and then backtracked in
jocular way i did not care too much for that because it had nothing to do with her, but during the
course of chat i told her about a banter which my friends were playing on me regarding her being
moving around with some guy from office, which although I brushed aside but it kept coming back
at me, I never wanted to be an MCP but I do confess of being one this time around. Insecurity
comes very easily to a man it seems.I always knew that i am bad at expressing emotions but
this time around i was helpless since they almost drowned me.
i wish i was stronger :(

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Bliss in Life

*She gave a call yesterday, actually it is not that way, first she gave a call at my "Star Tac" which
gives an "Insert Card" after slight movement while I was away to market fishing for some cheapo
CDs, and then i gave her a "call" back after returning which *She didnt pick up since *She knew
i dont have balance left :( and then *She gave me a call.

It was good news, *She will be joining a good company in a month and was happy as well, I was
happy for her too.For last 1 month i have been thinking how is *She taking my "shit" about me
being happy about my admission while *She was having problems at her workplace.

Sometimes we go overboard with "our" personal "Highs" and tend to forget people around us and rather than enjoying
these moments with them we tend to stand on pedestal and try to look down at them.Same applied to me after 3
appraisals i had at my workplace, there were people around who were having teething troubles with PLs and here I
was gushing Non Stop over my "acheivements".

Raol who sits next to me is an MS from North Carolina and we are developing good vibes abot each other, may be one of
these days we will go for a glass of beer, Although similarities between us are few and far between.
He wants to pursue PhD in "Formal Methods in Research" while i would like to do same in "How to make shit load of Money" :)
He loves Iron Maiden and I like Dire Straits, he calls me a man from 80's who refused to "grow" up
He is tall , 6 '2 and i am something like 5 6.
But we love life and thats what it takes to be friends with people around

Although I know for sure that he is concerned by charade i have with chandra who also sits in same cubicle :))

Saturday is being spent in dreaming about things I ll do now after i finish up my official assignment.
CDs cutting exercise went smoothly and without any hiccup of any sort.
Hey god when will i remove shackles of having Pasta @ Casa Picola everyday mmmmmmm its so gooood


Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Dire Straits

Group has special significance for me, was in fifth grade when i listened to Knopfler, incidently was my first English Cassette (or was it Paula Abdul!) and i was hooked to it for couple of reasons. One it was expensive (Rs 45 if i am not wrong) and becasue knopfler is so unlike others, i mean u can say he reminds us of Dylan but Dylan never played in Pubs did he? Punk/Pub Rock came to fore in eighties and died by the time I went to high school. Mark drove on, however persona still had Dire Straits in music for sure.Sometimes a single man decides the course of a Band and after he is through with it, its him who has changed instead. An irony unique to Dire Straits.

Am listening to my favourite "So Far Away"

Here I am again in this mean old town
And you're so far away from me
And where are you when the sun goes down
You're so far away from me

So far away from me
So far I just can't see
So far away from me
You're so far away from me

I'm tired of being in love and being all alone
When you're so far away from me
I'm tired of making out on the telephone
And you're so far away from me

So far away from me
So far I just can't see
So far away from me
You're so far away from me

I get so tired when I have to explain
When you're so far away from me
See you been in the sun and I've been in the rain
And you're so far away from me

So far away from me
So far I just can't see
So far away from me
You're so far away from me

Even got a video on LAN, most people tend to underplay brit rockers (except Jagger) Sex Pistols, Dire Straits,Oasis
Man they have the talent jus "Money Engg" is missing somewhere.


Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Tuesday- rhymes with hmm Bluesday
Tuesday happens, this is in start contrast with Mondays, You actually go through Mondays thinking about your weekend.
But no such luck on Tuesdays, add pending work form last week to that as well.
*She* mailed in morning but i was in such a muck i couldnt mail her back till late afternoon
Will I be able to stand her "Non Availability" in case she is busy tomorrow, thats very important
to know since i am very testy as far as attention grabbing goes.
Asked Hari about subjects I have to take at FMS, me thinks books will have to be arranged pretty
soon as well


ps Gaurav's city-bitty on Delhi sounded so true, alas i am a Delhite as well

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Friday cometh, *She* was looking forward to this for last 3 days now, and I said "whats the fun"
As for setting the records staright I live in Bangalore and *She* is in Delhi. What do Software Guys
do on a weekend, here I assume a Software Guy is 22-25 unmarried, no girlfriend in town, earning
less than 20 k.Number one destination for most of us is ofcourse office where one tries to socialise
with Junta thru Messrs Yahoo and MSN :)