Friday, June 20, 2003

Van Halen
Jump and Right Now Rocks!
Last Weekend in Bangalore

Havent finished City of Djinns but i am quite sure
Monday will see Age of Kali unless something
drastic happens.I lost my wallet (again?), Papa was mad
but then again it is supposed to be that way aint it?
I mean wierd is when he is not mad at me :)
Its overcast here for last 3 4 days now, its that smell of
Rains and mud which is so refreshing to us Indians.
May be thats why we urbanites look forward to Monsoon.
Have a party tonight with Hari and ilk, Gupats will be
taken care on Sunday, JJ should have been here :(

Yahoo Groups for MPAE started on a new lease of life - Guha's ouster
Guha - if there was a unifying factor in our class, it was Guha
We all agreed in disagreeing with him.
May be its last time we heard from him, dont know whether
its for good.
Raoul has been pestering me with his silly requests, dont know if he
is really actng funny or this is his true self :))
He gave me H2GTG and LOTR BBC radio transcripts in a CD, me
thinks they are awesome!


Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Bill's Book

While everyone is talking about new found virtues of forgiveness
in former First Lady for her Husband's failings, one thing i noticed
was the fact that Hillary more than Bill needs this publicity involving
the book (which is very imaginatively called Living History) She
might be thinking about 2008 elections with Dubya doingeverything
wrong and Republicans clueless about what to do about it, No one
can win an election on troubled marriage however stinking it might
have become especially when you are on verge of becoming president
of most powerful country.I personally think Presidential Elections and
Oscars are won in media, Gallups will trace the last voter and ask
her/his choice to boot.Anyways i was always disgusted with it and
with reaction in third world which seems to see it as common sex
scandals (Brits seem to have perfected that art especially those
gay ministers) and not even acknowledge the fact that things are
awry in global political circles let alone US.Contrary to Hillary's writing
prowess William Dalrymple's ability is much admired by yours truly,
picked up City of Djinns which is quite extraordicary thing to do by me
since I am a self confessed Delhi hater for long now.Have jus gobbled up
50 pages, Punjabis have been likened to uncouth farmers and Sikhs have
pardoned "congressmen" for 1984.This might get finished by tomorrow,
will start on Age of Kali by same author.Havent received her mail for 2 days,
wonder this is a start of next phase of our relationship Sarita called, delhi's
Baap of all get together might happen after all :)


Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Up the Down Ladder

Ady referred to one GD session he had when he was
giving IIMC interviewin 2k+1, i can relate to that particular
sentiment now that i am lil nervous about coming months.
I am upbeat about MBA, but am apprehensive about what
kinda job i ll be doing.Looking forward to be with my Parents
but am sad about losing my independence (however filthy
my flat was! ).Delhi means great food but Bangalore was fun all
the way. FMS and DU was places where you ll find tremendous
people but InfyCity ROX period!
No Updates but No Bossing around as well.No KTs to do but
then i ll miss out on impressing trainee chicks :(
No puffed eyes due to late nights , but no late nights
No Monday Ties but no looking forward to Friday
No filling up of DART but no high speed internet access (FMS
No dumb sales guy calling up my number for credit cards
but no free credit card offers for lifetime as well.
No "thinking about what to do on weekends" but then no weekends
as well

Its a tough life.
Like ELDoc said in morning "Amit u ll have swell time"
I will, sure i will!


Monday, June 16, 2003

Reasons Y i hate leaving this place! Continued

Zion (blrkec15702, yeah thats my mean Machine in Matrix called InfyLan (20k+ Machines))
Coffee Dispensing Machine
Arguments with Friends on where this Org is heading to
Arguments with Friends on where I am heading to
Evening snacks at Lotus Food Court
ATM at ICICI and sweet girl who sits in the Bank
Bangalore FM (is so much better than shit Delhi FM airs)
Shop in 9th Block where AuntyJi gives absolutely delicious Sabudana Khichdi (Pune again :(( )
Unlimited PrintOuts I can take anytime
My WhiteBoard
Greek Family Chart at my Desk
Chaos at my Desk
Project Update Meetings (specially when i can ask people questions)
Not filling DART (dont ask me what , wont tell anyway)
KEC InToon (Dilbert/Garfield/Archie all of em)
Food World Offers (Best Ones :buy one tropicana and get another one free)
Unlimited Pints We have at Purple Haze
Girls who will sheepishly stand outside Urban Edge/The Hypnos/Insomnia/IBar
Domlur Junction waala TGIF
Trip to Airport (with a resolve that I ll be back !)


10 9 8 7 ....

Yup it has started ,one more weekend to go before i hit the homestretch
am listenin to Van Halen and Dave Matthews Band, trying to make myself
work for this meeting tomorrow and trying not to get upset about money issues

Will try to take Sahara PickUp bus on 27th :)