Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why do i go to Minar everytime I am in NYC

To disprove 2 misconceptions-

1 - An Unamericanized Indian Restaurant has no appeal for Americans. These guys persist with spicy indian food and goras turn up in decent numbers.
2 - Intersect between good indian food and quick serve restaurants (QSRs) is zero. Wrong again, try any thing on the menu, chances are that it is nearly half as decent as best fare in your city back in india.

PS Ofcourse there are sentiments involved here and sub 10 USD lunch is always welcome :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Double standards

Continuing with drinking sessions, it was unanimously agreed that there was no honour in the attitude that our parents showed towards TV wathcing.

They restricted us from watching TV in late 80s when some of the best fare was being dished and these days they spend hours on shitty things called daily soaps.

Not fair i say!

Over a peg of scotch

Friends debated who has been worst "star" son in history - Obamasque consensus was Sanjay Kapoor.

Irony is that he played a star son turned director in a recent movie - Luck by chance. And even more irony followed - he wasnt too bad either with his hat and all :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


A week back i wrote to Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN's show GPS airs every Sunday 1 PM EST regarding some of the questions i would like him to ask his guest last Sunday - Pervez Musharraf. To his credit, Fareed did not ask Ex Prez a single question from this list.

Disclaimer: Ofcourse most of these are India focussed, what do you expect from an Indian.

Dear Fareed Zakaria,

Please find below questions that I would like you to ask Pervez Musharraf when he appears on your show next Sunday.

· Mr Musharraf, what were the Pakistani military's strategic objectives of Kargil incursion in '99?
· Are these strategic objectives still part of Pakistani military doctrine?
· You and Pak admin have always vehemently denied that Pakistani military was not involved in Kargil, however your admin went ahead and awarded Nishan-i-Haider to 2 regulars for Kargil "conflict" - and
· What circumstances forced end of hostilities in this military campaign and what was US role in the same?

· Shehryar Mazari - prominent journalist in his editorial in DAWN directly holds you responsible for TALIBANIZATION of Pakistan, what is your response to that? Here is the link to this editorial -
· Are there any elements in Pak Army or in ISI that do not support war on Taliban and what are their views on Kashmiri militant groups once Americans leave AfPak?

Future of Pakistan/General
· Does he believe that Pak will break into 3 largely independent countries - Punjab, Largely lawless pashtunistan in north and Sinshudesh in south? If not what is the ethos of being a Pakistani
· Kiyani was your handpicked candidate, would you have given him go ahead to take Taliban out
· Where were billions of dollars in US aid diverted to during Clinton/George Sr Bush days before sanctions due to Nuke tests?
· Where in Pakistan were Mumbai attacks planned? Indian dossier contained citation regarding transcripts of Punjabi speaking army regulars shouting tactics over satellite phones, thereby implicating Pak Army of planning and executing these terror attacks. What is your response to that?

· What is the future of Kashmiri seperatism, now with prominent seperatists like Sajjad Lone joining political mainstream in Jammu and Kashmir?

It will be great if you could pose these questions to Mr Pervez Musharraf. Answers to some of these questions is critical to understanding why Pak is in its current position and who else is better to answer that than someone who ruled and unarguably brought this instability to south asian region.

Amit Kumar
Ek akela is shahar mein..

Some of the side effects of living alone away, in a hotel for something like 7 months out of last 9-10 months-

  • Addicted to watching CNN, becoming a die hard Fareed Zakaria basher
  • Eating tonnes of snacks, drinking kilolitres of diet pepsi - becoming Shop n Stop's loyal customer
  • Sifting through deals2buy, dealnews, dealsofamerica etc etc and end up buying useless stuff
  • Hurling expletives when alone in room at people from office
  • Making sure than sofa springs are subject to intense cycle fatigue from butts
  • Overusing skype
  • Trying to find that perfect song on Youtube that will act as lullaby tonight and everynight
  • Taking clean bed, toilet, bath for granted
  • Actually started liking some of the microwavable food
  • Almost losing the concept of acting like a host to friends
  • Searching for 16 quarters every sunday night for laundry and drying clothes
  • Ironing linen shirts early monday morning

Sigh! It better be worth something in the end...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009 Elections: 10 NDTV Bloopers /Funny moments

  1. Prannoy Roy apologizing profusely to Kapil Sibal for leaving him high and dry and going for an ad towards the end of the counting. Sibal didnt even acknowledge his apology.
  2. Chandan Mitra's exciting "This is significant" whenever someone told him that BJP is leading in WB seat even though it was quite clear that they will be falling much short of INC number
  3. Manu Singhvi tearing Abhigyan Prakash for making him wait for 25 minutes during NDTV India's election coverage.
  4. Robert Vadra looking out of place while his wife and bro in law meets press for the first time after UP results come in.
  5. Dayanidhi Maran struggling to focus his excitement - Murasoli's exit poll accuracy or his uncle's houdini act in TN
  6. Vikram Chandra moving INLD (Ajit Singh) back and forth between NDA, UPA, Third Front, Fourth Front on a giant touch screen.
  7. Digvijay Singh recalling an incident when Rahul Gandhi stumped him by telling him a little trivia - Ajit Singh won on congress ticket in one of the elections. I bet even Ajit Singh doesnt remember that.
  8. Derek o Brien rhetorically quizzing Srinivasan Jain on which non Congress party has won more seats in UPA. This was in response to Srinivasan's question on whether TC would ask for lofty miniterial berths (railways for Didi :) ) in UPA
  9. NDTV team taking Praful Patel's statement in spirit - Everyone was talking to everyone else at the same time!
  10. NDTV's take on Cong Left relationship with Emosanal Atyachar playing in the background.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Great Game

Lets try to get this straight, Pakistan needs military aid from US to fight insurgency in its own backyard. All this while it (if Obama is to be believed) fears for its existence from India. All these years Pakistan received aid from US and except for Soviet rule in Afghanistan, this aid must have gone to prop up Pakistan to make sure it doesnt fall to - its mortal enemy India. With 1 million strong strike corps breathing on its eastern border and some 3000 combat and non combat aircrat to contend with, Pakistan did a pretty good job of sustaining itself during years when FATA terrorists were not the "villians". Therefore there are only two scenarios under which this request for aid is reasonable - Taliban have thousands of special forces who can engage Pak army decisively or billion of dollars were robbed from US tax payers. Sneaking suspicion - it is latter :) Btw this also coincides with higher tax rate regime of Bill "Cigar" Clinton. So when honest, hardworking Americans were sweating it out in auto towns like Lansing, MI - Pak military was being modernized. But what the heck, we just heard from US, that Pak military is as ancient as Mayan infantry. So where were these funds going to, ahem - must to be worthy cause of exporting insurgency to India.

So lets recap - US wants to help Pak fight insurgency in its own country that is a by product of its own terror export factory that was covertly being funded by US. Whoa!

For updates on "war" - (Bill R has done a pretty decent job of doing what CNN and other looneys have forgotten - War journalism)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Came across an interesting website here. Interestingly, this also reinforces 3 major faultlines in "Greater India" that existed prior to Independence - Punjab (Hindus/Sikhs V Muslims), Bengal (Hindus V Muslims) and Kashmir (confused to say the least). On the other hand 2 major ethnic groups got screwed as a result of collective tomfoolery on part of Indians, Pakis and Brits - Pushtuns (across Pak and Afghanistan) and Sindhis. Funnily, Hindu sindhis today are perhaps equivalent of perennial refugees in India. With all the upheaval in north of Sindh that is happening today, there is a hope for independent and moderate islamic country of Sindhudesh, at peace with India.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Iron Shoes

After 30 years of liberalization, China is still pretty much a commie state. Evidence - its state run channel goes by the name - CCTV :)

Ok, what do you do when lose US presidential elections to perhaps the worst man after Franklin Pierce to lead the country. You are also chided for making a muck of yourself by crying hoarse about outsourcing in the run up to elections.

Any sensible politician would have curled up his ambitions and retired to a Maine cottage and accept speaker engagements with far left evil called Daily Kos.

No but Mr Kerry became a stooge in Senate's foreign relations committee. Furthermore he joins other jokers in undoing perhaps the only sensible strategic makeover that Bush administration worked on - US India relations. You also come up with worst oxymoron of the century - Good Taliban. And then this.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Klick Klack

India: We sent the dossier to Pak
Pak: We sent it back, need to link 26/11 with Samjhauta blasts
India: Ball is their court (ofcourse since our PM has lost his during his operation last month), we need link Samjhauta with Mumbai blasts
Pak: Link Mumbai blasts with Gujrat
India: Link Gujrat with Godhra
Pak: Link Godhra with Babri Masjid
India: Link Babri Masjid with ISI activities /Seperatist sub culture that you have been harbouring
Pak: Link that with Muslim persecution in India
India: Link that with 500 year persecution of Hindus
Pak: Link that with your stubborn refusal to get converted
India: Link that with your religion's lack of appeal in West from Ottoman to Obama
Pak: Its a PR problem, the whole world is out to get us. It makes sense for us to get taken over by Taliban. Zardari can take couple of concubines and settle in East Ham.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Fareed Zakaria is a Schmuck!

Couple of newsbytes over weekend:

One - Fareed A-hole Zakaria asking mohamed el baradei about his tactics related to handling pariahs like India, Israel and Pakistan. Wise El Beradei smiled - " I dont know how one can treat a democratic country with 1/6th population with no proliferation history as a pariah"

Two - Mista A-hole chairing a meet on global recession in Davos which includes gents premier from mexico, South Korea and Chump Gordon Brown (his surname is testimony to the fact that reverse colonization is complete in UK). During this discussion, Fareed brands mexicans and other lat ams as experts in diffusing banking crisis. This after Mexican gent noted that Lat Am as a region had 30 such crisis in last 25 years. This is akin to awarding top award to India in countering terrorism.

Mr Zakaria, you need to formally join army of other ill informed, opinionated & psuedo centrist journos in SEE ENN ENN and get more cozy with another A-hole in your network -Lou Dobbs.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sone ki chidiya

So why am i upset at watching promos of a movie that could be perhaps first India centric movie in 30 years (Gandhi was last in 80) to win all that matters in entertainment industy, starring perhaps the only macho leading man (Anil K) since Big B (amidst all the pretenders) and has gazillion awards winning score from perhaps the only indian composer who can write original music (since ahem Rabindranath Tagore)?

For the same reason any decent person would not approve of slum tourism. Danny Boyle, what about visiting Paki ghettos in your own little island country where dry humour of present day dwellers is not enough to erase thievery called imperialism? Be absolutely clear what you show to this world - some of those public alleys in London are not any safer than taking last local from churchgate or late night blue line bus in Jehangirpuri. We ll be watching closely.