Saturday, September 17, 2005

Death Wish

The Creature crept slowly into the room
and waved at Bird
She waved back almost in unision
''Is he around" Creature asked
"He is sleeping in attic..
..Been sleeping for years now" replied Bird

They could play their games at will
Bird and Creature's cheap thrill

But they wonder what I ll be thinking
Coz they know I am in a deep slumber
Though I lay awake in my stupor
watching them play

Then in a flash I lit up the house
What have you done? asked Bird
It was her idea said the Creature

And as I saw our skins burn
I bid my final goodbye to both of them
See you in hell

Sunday, September 11, 2005

You sure you dont want that scotch?

No it aint abouth drinking, this is about a species that seems to be inspired by ducks. No they are no fat bottomed easy targets as many people would believe them to be, in fact they are exact opposite they take you by surprise. Behind their sweet naive looks that entice onlookers to feed them from poolside is frantic paddling underneath that keeps them afloat. They are menacing if you just look under the surface. And whats more , they can fly too at their own sweet will.

Keep a watch always.