Thursday, September 01, 2005

Heard somewhere..

Conserve Water, Drink Beer

- Cactus, Downtown Chi

Are these guys stinking criminals?

- Gas trader, NG up 100 basis points

What type? Oh She is a female dog

- JoAnne on BA 295

Chicago Beer, You should try this!

-Pig Tail

This doesnt smell like a men's room untill I came here!!

- Guy in Bucktown

You should never go to Puma Store across the street.

- Drifter

How you are so mature?

- Sadhu

Its a trick question

- Me

That chick was hot on me

- Drifter

She was depressed

- Sadhu

You think 6 million people live in Chi for its weather?

- Sadhu

Pigs in blanket with honey mustard dressing

- Read the menu

What the hell?

- Me after Miiller-Guiness-Hienekin-Guiness-Alpha King-Kolrsch-Guiness

This is good food for someone who has a taste for this

- World Chess Champion

I am not normally like this, I swear

- Low Probability