Saturday, May 22, 2004

Consumerism in South and Kotler

Was never a big fan of baldy old hag, may be i dint like the book design (hate his guts for those anecdotes he keeps reciting again and again) its so sick sometimes to hear same stories all thru day abt how avis changed the rules of game vis a vis hertz , i mean why dont ppl try to attach subjectivity of the market dynamics and forget about drawing analytical conclusion coz there aint any :)

The whole funda abt creating innovating product is so serendipity driven that u jus cant make up numerics around it. Degree fades, metrics blur and only thing which is tru at ground zero is that "Jo dikhta hain woh bikta hai"

South Indian consumerism is the best example for the same.

Nilgiris, Subikshas, Food Worlds of Madras have shown the pundits that it is not brand but the ease and hygiene which sells in a middle class market.

Time to go for another round of biscuit gheri oops delivery