Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Pal, go grab the opportunities that lie ahead of you, ye shall have her by your side as well soon.

Go fall in love, I am happy for you.

Monday, July 11, 2005

(:Sigh)Lets Blog
Its been sometime since i have blogged, it is usually hard for me to take an account of time that has transpired since then but i ll still try to make up for lost time.

Things that have changed between last time i "wrote" on this blog include my career (then a potential now a carcass), my interests (then a distinct possibility now a distant proposition) and my life (then what i made of it and now a ruin waiting for debris to capitulate).

Yeah i am sad but i aint feel bad about it anymore, infact there is this feeling that makes me a relieved man, no not because i have become masochist but because i know things just cant go
worse from this point.

Whiskey in Jar is one song i play very often when i am down and out and it is still playing as i write this blog. i am not burdened by what this song actually means nor am i in a mood to know.
But what i am burdened by is set of hard decisions i need to make this month, some of them i couldnt have even fathom few months back. I need to know what i want from this friggin life and how friggin hell i am going to get it ASAP.
Satire of the Dead
Seen as an obvious end, Death is not
infact last time i saw, corpse was still in motion
going from left to right of styx
sailing by the chasm of reason

Slime of skin is what they become
Hanging loose on morals
that they used to keep
Ones they stood by when it suited them most

Laughs she who is unscathed by this circus
catching moments that bring smiles to Devil
Dances to a tune that wakes up the undead
coz undead will revel