Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Core Competencies

Attending Press Conferences by Rahul Dravid - Guy needs a break, I think he was better off when he was keeping wickets and donning Vice Captaincy hat during Ganguly era.

Burning "Heart Shaped" effigies by Shiv Sena - Awesome work, doesnt hurt anyone and is good fun too, they need to concentrate on this rather than burning down poor florists' shops in Mumbai.

BP Singhal on News Channels - He can use the frown on his forehead in a RGV horror movie, Daraana Zaroori hain

Afridi's sweet somethings while fielding in Point region - Could channelise his competency in Vernacular abuses to educate first year zoology students on female anatomy and in some case wierd male anatomy as well