Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Iron Shoes

After 30 years of liberalization, China is still pretty much a commie state. Evidence - its state run channel goes by the name - CCTV :)

Ok, what do you do when lose US presidential elections to perhaps the worst man after Franklin Pierce to lead the country. You are also chided for making a muck of yourself by crying hoarse about outsourcing in the run up to elections.

Any sensible politician would have curled up his ambitions and retired to a Maine cottage and accept speaker engagements with far left evil called Daily Kos.

No but Mr Kerry became a stooge in Senate's foreign relations committee. Furthermore he joins other jokers in undoing perhaps the only sensible strategic makeover that Bush administration worked on - US India relations. You also come up with worst oxymoron of the century - Good Taliban. And then this.