Wednesday, May 28, 2003


Thats how i would describe this "city", coz one it is not a city as such and
although it "houses" 10000 souls in daytime it seems to be free from any ill effects
of city.Infy City, i remember my first day at this revered campus.I arrived in monday's
propah attire on one fine december morning alongwith JJ, after we entered the main
gate something in us made us move towards the "Corporate" building where we
asked for whereabouts of our reporting manager from "far from amused"
receptionist , who gave us the directions with "boy-u-are-at-wrong-place" look :)
Not more than 10 mtrs away was Him, man corporate india affectionately refers as
NRN.I bowed my head and HE seem to reciprocate as well or so i thought.
I hurriedly left the place half embarassed half amazed , thanking my stars
that i was able to see HIM from such a close distance.

(to be continued)


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