Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ek akela is shahar mein..

Some of the side effects of living alone away, in a hotel for something like 7 months out of last 9-10 months-

  • Addicted to watching CNN, becoming a die hard Fareed Zakaria basher
  • Eating tonnes of snacks, drinking kilolitres of diet pepsi - becoming Shop n Stop's loyal customer
  • Sifting through deals2buy, dealnews, dealsofamerica etc etc and end up buying useless stuff
  • Hurling expletives when alone in room at people from office
  • Making sure than sofa springs are subject to intense cycle fatigue from butts
  • Overusing skype
  • Trying to find that perfect song on Youtube that will act as lullaby tonight and everynight
  • Taking clean bed, toilet, bath for granted
  • Actually started liking some of the microwavable food
  • Almost losing the concept of acting like a host to friends
  • Searching for 16 quarters every sunday night for laundry and drying clothes
  • Ironing linen shirts early monday morning

Sigh! It better be worth something in the end...


Tess said...

and now, you'll have to re-train yourself ! :)

Arya | Sui Generis said...

could not agree more. does life in north American continent have to guided by these sets, always? Made me come out with a catchline: "Where there's a deal, there's a desi" ; )