Friday, June 20, 2003

Last Weekend in Bangalore

Havent finished City of Djinns but i am quite sure
Monday will see Age of Kali unless something
drastic happens.I lost my wallet (again?), Papa was mad
but then again it is supposed to be that way aint it?
I mean wierd is when he is not mad at me :)
Its overcast here for last 3 4 days now, its that smell of
Rains and mud which is so refreshing to us Indians.
May be thats why we urbanites look forward to Monsoon.
Have a party tonight with Hari and ilk, Gupats will be
taken care on Sunday, JJ should have been here :(

Yahoo Groups for MPAE started on a new lease of life - Guha's ouster
Guha - if there was a unifying factor in our class, it was Guha
We all agreed in disagreeing with him.
May be its last time we heard from him, dont know whether
its for good.
Raoul has been pestering me with his silly requests, dont know if he
is really actng funny or this is his true self :))
He gave me H2GTG and LOTR BBC radio transcripts in a CD, me
thinks they are awesome!


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