Monday, June 16, 2003

Reasons Y i hate leaving this place! Continued

Zion (blrkec15702, yeah thats my mean Machine in Matrix called InfyLan (20k+ Machines))
Coffee Dispensing Machine
Arguments with Friends on where this Org is heading to
Arguments with Friends on where I am heading to
Evening snacks at Lotus Food Court
ATM at ICICI and sweet girl who sits in the Bank
Bangalore FM (is so much better than shit Delhi FM airs)
Shop in 9th Block where AuntyJi gives absolutely delicious Sabudana Khichdi (Pune again :(( )
Unlimited PrintOuts I can take anytime
My WhiteBoard
Greek Family Chart at my Desk
Chaos at my Desk
Project Update Meetings (specially when i can ask people questions)
Not filling DART (dont ask me what , wont tell anyway)
KEC InToon (Dilbert/Garfield/Archie all of em)
Food World Offers (Best Ones :buy one tropicana and get another one free)
Unlimited Pints We have at Purple Haze
Girls who will sheepishly stand outside Urban Edge/The Hypnos/Insomnia/IBar
Domlur Junction waala TGIF
Trip to Airport (with a resolve that I ll be back !)


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